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Arlington Sheriffs Deputy Who Murdered Innocent Man Found Guilty in Alexandria

13 Dec
Arlington Sheriff's Deputy Patterson (Left) and His Murder Victim Julian Dawkins

Arlington Sheriff’s Deputy Patterson (Left) and His Murder Victim Julian Dawkins

In contrast to Arlington County, which covers up violent behavior by some of its Sheriff’s Deputies even when on the job, Alexandria prosecuted and, now, successfully convicted Arlington County Sheriff’s Deputy Craig Patterson for murdering Alexandria resident Julian Dawkins.  The successful conviction came after a week long jury trial.  Four of the jurors began sobbing when Dawkins mother took the stand during the sentencing phase of the trial.    The prosecutions theory, which prevailed, was that the Sheriff’s Deputy killed Dawkins because Patterson felt “disrespected” by Dawkins.   A number of Arlington Sheriff’s Deputies testified at trial in support of Patterson.  This shows the mental instability of Patterson, and the questionable judgment of other Arlington Sheriff’s Deputies who continue to infest the Arlington County Courthouse.

The jury has recommended six years in prison for murdering Julian Dawkins.   A cheap price to pay for having taken a life of an innocent person.


Judge Wiggins: Anti-Mother Again

30 Oct
Arlington County Sheriff

Arlington County Sheriff (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

Ms. Hernandez made a serious and fatal mistake.  She left her son, Nathan, in his car seat for six hours while she was at work at the Catholic Diocese in July, on a day when the high temperature reached 90 degrees. She intended to drop the boy off at day care and didn’t realize the baby was in the car until she went to pick up another child.

Judge Wiggins, who has demonstrated herself to be less than understanding of maternal instinct and generally shown herself to be antimother in many cases over the last decade, has allowed the prosecution of this poor mother to go forward and be presented to a grand jury.  Inept Arlington Judge Esther Wiggins improbably found probable cause Monday to continue with a charge of felony neglect against 32-year-old Zoraida Magali Conde Hernandez.

Ashlie After Brutal Beating

Ashlie After Brutal Beating

The irony is that this obvious mistake by this poor mother, whose loss of her child has caused her to suffer enough, is going before a grand jury, but Judge Wiggins said nothing about the failure to prosecute the Arlington Sheriff’s Deputy who beat and tasered 11 year old Ashlie Mae O’Brien in the public hallway outside of her office door on December 7, 2011.

Double standard — prosecute the poor mother, while letting the criminal Arlington Sheriff’s Deputy go free.   Did you expect any better from the corrupt Arlington County Family Court?  Nah!

Arlington Sheriff’s Deputy Who Murdered Julian Dawkins Denied Bail

2 Jul

Arlington County Sheriff Patterson (Left) Charged with Murdering PBS Newshour Employee Julian Dawkins

Today, Arlington Sheriff’s Deputy Craig Patterson was denied bail while pending trial for the brutal murder of Julian Dawkins, the PBS Newshour driver.


Julian “Was Our Balm and Our Rock”

31 May

Today, hundreds of mourners turned out to pay respect to Julian Dawkins, an employee of the award winning PBS Newshour, who was murdered by Arlington Sheriff’s Deputy Patterson.

Among those who spoke was Gwen Ifel of the PBS Newshour.   Her words began:

My name is Gwen Ifill. I’m honored today to represent my colleagues at the PBS NewsHour.
Julian was family to you. He was to us, as well.
I wish I could capture for you the outpouring of emotion that greeted the news of his passing. There were tears, yes. But there was also regret, and anger and fond memory.
I think it’s accurate to say it would have shocked even Julian what an impression his gentle presence left in our lives. One NewsHour Alum called him a “balm and a rock” for us.

and concluded:

Everyone remembers that smile. “Julian was definitely the sunshine on a cloudy day,” another colleague said.
And this: “Julian knew what was important — family. Even with a heavy load on his shoulders, he was an optimist and looked out for those close to him, especially his brother. Sounds like we all agree that we would do anything for one more day and one more smile from Julian.”
To the family: you should know that — just like you — his NewsHour family will not rest until we get the answers to the questions we all still have.
And even when we do, we will continue to grieve with you, pray for you, and consider you our family, too.
He was our balm and our rock.

The Arlington Parents News shares that grief, our hearts are with the family.   We hope this tragedy results in reforms in the Arlington County Sheriff’s department that gets rid of its  violent “goon”-style culture…one that has severely hurt and even killed many, now Julian Dawkins and even children like 13 year old Ashlie Mae O’Brien.

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