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Arlington: Aren’t You Glad The County Decided to Not Waste Money on a Streetcar?

11 Mar

Just in case you have not been following it, Washington DC went ahead and spent 200 million dollars on a “starter” streetcar down H Street NE.  It has yet to enter service and before it even opens (assuming it ever opens) numerous accidents have occurred.

Mayor Muriel Bowser is wisely revisiting the basic question: should DC proceed with its streetcar?  It is looks like they are not going to go forward with spending the $2 billion needed to run and expand the starter 2 mile system.

Just think of what DC could have done with that $200 million they spent so far?   Arlington (reluctantly) ultimately made the right decision to not go forward with a streetcar down Columbia Pike.   Kudos to the Board members who fought for stopping that waste of money.

Now…if they could only stop wasting money on the Arlington Department of Human Services and the family courts that are destroying families and ruining children’s lives in Arlington….

Arlington, give back the kids you took from good families and save taxpayer money, too!


Arlington County DHS Continuing to Violate Civil Rights of Families

28 Sep

There Arlington Department of Human Services goes again….A new civil rights case was recently filed by Lucienne Moolenaar against the Arlington County Department of Human Services, Jason McCandless, Karen Grane, Tammy Freytag, Aaron Whitehead, Devanshi Patel,  Arlington PD Officer A. Hagg, B. Madgucci, Bruce Benson, and Magistrate Jason Brayton-Lewis,   According to the detailed complaint, after finding herself unemployed in 2012, Ms. Moolenaar found herself in need of housing and other services — all of which Arlington failed to provide.   Seeking to correct the situation, Ms. Mooenaari sought to relocate her family in the Virgin Islands, where her mother lived and she could get support from her family.

Instead of supporting Ms. Moolenaar’s efforts, Arlington CPS began “harrassing” her with complaints — based on hearsay.   After forced entry into Moolenaar ‘s home, “refusing to leave, physically detaining her in her own apartment, intimidating and illegally obtaining coerced information, physically stalking Moolenaari,” Arlington County CPS, and Jason McCandless Assistant County Attorney crafted a second set of allegations of inadequate supervision/neglect to further “their corrupt and deceptive plan of criminal charges and foster care for Complainant’s children.”     They then had a the JDR Court rubber stamp a removal order and placed her children in foster care.

Arlington DHS, with the same employees, followed the same playbook when they illegally and fraudulently removed Ashlie and other children in Arlington from their families.

The US Attorney General must bring charges against Arlington DHS to stop their systematic destruction of poor and minority families to benefit developers in Arlington.   This is corruption of the worst form.  Arlington DHS is using the “child protection laws” to engage in economic and racial cleansing that is repugnant to the US Constitution and the Virginia Constitution — all at wasted taxpayer expense.

Read the entire complaint here.


Read more about the Ashlie Case here and here, and about the Nancy Hey case here.

Happy Father’s Day….Even to Those Who Lost Their Children to Arlington CPS and Courts

15 Jun

It is now a well established fact that Arlington County is a “nanny state” that believes that government can parent better than parents.   That is why the “activist” Arlington DHS is so aggressive,  Arlington Court’s so agreeable, and GAL’s so cooperative, in taking kids away from their families — particularly poor families — in Arlington.   Once you get in the clutches of Arlington CPS, your family is done for — there is too much money in it and too many careers at stake.  Taking kids from poor families boosts the economic values of properties in Arlington, where developers are the number one priority — increasing land values is also number one.  [We challenge anyone to give us a good example of where Arlington CPS has actually left a family intact and better off than it was before Arlington CPS got involved.]

Ironically, the very people who are involved in the process, the “popular” GALs (who are repetitively get selected by the Court because they dont’ disagree with Arlington DHS), social workers (who need kids to fill their caseloads otherwise they lose job slots), and judges (who are too lazy and/or dumb to take a fresh look at the facts, but instead like to be led by the nose by Arlington DHS, their county attorney, and the “yes man” GALs who cheer them on), appear to have come from or have very dysfunctional family backgrounds, themselves.    Thus, it should not be surprising that their judgment on the value of love and family is poor to none.

Thus, if you are a father (or mother), who loves your children but lost them to handiwork of the corrupt Arlington CPS or the Arlington courts, happy father’s day to you.   We know that it is hard for you, but your children remember you, they remember your love and they will, one day, reunite with you and love you more than they did before.

To the children who were taken, your parents have not forgotten you, they love you, and they look forward to seeing you and hugging you again.

To prospective adoptive parents in Virginia, be sure that the kids you are being offered for adoption are not one of those that were unfairly taken from their families — insist on independently verifying this by contacting the birth parents (or grandparents, if they were taken from them) and find out the real truth.

Another Confession About Abuse by CPS by a Former CPS Worker

18 Feb

Here is an excellent video by a former CPS worker.   He has many tips for trying to defend yourself against the arbitrary and corrupt practices of Child Protective Services, like those practiced by Arlington Department of Human Services.

Read more at: Former CPS Worker Video

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