Vote for Audrey Clement for Arlington County Board

4 Nov

The Arlington County Board needs a fresh face to shake up the Board, who will:

  • Emphasize basic services like: streets, schools, libraries and public safety.
  • Seek tax relief for residents and businesses and stop the exodus of federal agencies from Arlington.
  • Promote consolidation of  housing programs to improve efficiency.
  • Promote installation of efficient renewable energy in all public schools.
  • Provide a voice on County Board for all taxpayers.
  • Improve court system.

Audrey Clement, an independent candidate, can do this, and more because she is not part of the system, and owes no debt to developers.

So on November 8, 2016, vote for Audrey Clement.


Snow Comes Early to Arlington Virginia

14 Oct

Snow Comes Early to Arlington Virginia

Victimizing the Victims by the Courts

17 Sep

Too often, court judges victimize the victims — making them suffer rather than treating them fair and just.    Often the victims are distraught and not well versed in the formalities of the court, and their feelings surface in a raw way.   Rather than showing compassion, the judges often find them in contempt of the Court or otherwise reprimand them.  Arlington County has a number of judges who engage in this narcissistic  behavior.

Luckily those who oversee the courts in some jurisdiction do not take kindly to this judicial misbehavior.   Here are two stories about judges (in other jurisdictions) who got into trouble for their misbehaviors…Hopefully the overseers of the Arlington Courts will do the same to keep the judges of the Arlington Court in line and showing more compasion.

Judge who berated and jailed a domestic abuse victim gets her day in court—and it’s not pretty

Appointed to the bench in 2005 by then-Governor Jeb Bush, the Florida County Judge Jerri Collins found herself in front of the Florida Supreme Court on Wednesday, being publicly reprimanded—live on TV. This was Judge Collins’ penalty for her repugnant treatment of a domestic abuse victim who failed to show up to her abuser’s trial.

Judge could lose job for berating rape victim: ‘Why couldn’t you just keep your knees together?’

According to the notice of allegations, Judge Camp’s “rude and derogatory” comments “belittle(d) and trivialize(d) the nature of the allegations.” He also made “stereotypical assumptions about how someone confronted with sexual assault would or would not behave.”

Its Happy Time at the Arlington County Fair, August 17-21

12 Aug

Arlington County FairThe Arlington County Fair is one of the largest free events on the East Coast and has been providing quality entertainment for 40 years. In recent years, attendance has reached 74,000 as people come from Arlington and Northern Virginia to enjoy competitive exhibits, midway rides and games, entertainment, vendors, racing piglets, and more. Each year Thomas Jefferson Community Center is transformed into a special place with something for everyone to see. Admission is free, and shuttle service is provided from locations throughout Arlington.

Thomas Jefferson Community Center
3501 Second Street South
Arlington, VA 22204
Map of Fairgrounds

Parking at the fairgrounds is prohibited making shuttles the most effective way to reach the fun. Shuttles will run approximately every 30 minutes during the Fair’s operating hours from the Ballston Metro, the Arlington Career Center, Pentagon City Metro and the I-66 parking garage. The last shuttle will pick up from all four stops approximately 1.5 hours before closing and the last shuttle to leave the fairgrounds be 10 minutes after our closing hours each night. Click here for more information on shuttles.

Learn more: Arlington County Fair