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Foster Children & Families: Listen to This Foster Child – Get Out ASAP

26 Feb

20161201-img_61811_slide-8536a7cce35dc0ac3fe1ddd8d52b60147a7e0c9d-s1100-c15The Foster Care System, including the failed one in Arlington County, continues to be exploited and milked by foster parents, medical professionals, and county employees, at the expense of Arlington families and children.   We have kept tabs on the Arlington County Department of Human Services and the County Attorney’s that represent them, hoping it would improve and that they would truly put the children and their families of Arlington first.   But, to our disappointment and those of taxpayers who pick up the bill for their waste, nothing much has changed — in fact it has even gotten worse.    They treat families and the foster children like criminals (they even have jailed their families and the foster children), and seem to prefer breaking up families, rather than keeping them together.   More federal dollars for breaking up families!  Sad!

If you are in foster care, listen to this child speak about their experiences.

Get out as soon as you can!   If they try to bribe you with benefits to stay in…ask yourself how have they treated me and my family.   If they treated you like a prisoner or abused you, and treated your family like criminals while you were in foster care, then don’t think it will change after you turn 18 — it will only get worse.   You are the evidence for their abuse and exploitation, and they don’t want to lose control of you to protect themselves.   They are not doing it for you but for themselves!

Families, if you live in Arlington Virginia with children, we recommend you get out of Arlington as soon as you can.    The system in Arlington and the folks running it don’t seem to care to change their ways, but continue to treat children as prisoners and families as criminals.   Until the Arlington Department of Human Services and the Arlington County Attorney’s office cleans house, its not going to get better.


Spotted in Richmond: Governor Terry McAuliffe Briefed on Misuse of Medicaid Funds to Incarcerate Foster Children in Virginia

12 May

Virginia Constituent Meets with Governor Mccullah to discuss Medicaid Fraud in Foster Care in VirginiaHanging around Richmond and Washington DC, you can often see interesting pairings.   At this recent event, we spotted on Virginia constituent in intense discussions with newly elected Governor Terry McAuliffe about the misuse of Medicaid Funds to misplace kids in psychiatric facilities rather than proper foster homes in Virginia.

The Governor expressed great concern and that he would be very interested in doing something to stop this misuse.   In fact, after their initial discussion and his speech, the Governor went out of his way to connect up with the constituent to “close the loop” and make sure to make an introduction to someone who would take care of it.   Nice guy and very sincere.

The consequences of the misuse of Medicaid funds for foster care is not only destructive to normal kids who are placed in these mental institutions at Medicaid expense, it can have fatal consequences caused by the unavailability of beds by those who need them — like in the case of State Senator Deeds son.

We are certainly hopeful that this will put an end to the practice in Arlington of locking up children in these facilities where Arlington DHS is either too lazy or incompetent or corrupt (like those Judges who were prosecuted up in Pennsylvania) to find these children a proper foster care home.

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Dr Phil Analyzes the Justina Case: Shares Many Similarities to the Ashlie and Sabrina Hey Cases (and Others in Arlington)

19 Mar

Worth watching all of the way through.  Hopefully Dr. Phil will look into the misconduct of Arlington Department of Human Services, too.

Contact for the Dr. Phil Show:

Learn more about the Justina Case: FightCPS

Learn More about Ashlie’s Case:  Arlington Unlawful Taking of Child

Learn More about Sabrina Hey Case: Sabrina Hey

DOJ/FBI Renews Its Call for Leads on Public Corruption in Northern Virginia

19 Feb

Coverup of Foster Child Being Beaten As all who are familiar with the family courts and Arlington Department of Human Services are familiar how corruption exists and it is ruining the lives of families and their children in places like Arlington, Virginia.   You know who these corrupt actors are, and the FBI division of the Department of Justice wants to know.    Yesterday, the DOJ/FBI put a call out for information on this pervasive corruption.

Northern Virginia Public Corruption Hotline at 703-686-6225 and e-mail at

Below is the text of the press release the DOJ/FBI released yesterday.   If you speak up they will listen.   So, please do make the effort to heed their call, and let them know about your experiences and/or those of others, with the corruption on Northern Virginia.   Let’s clean up corruption in Arlington now!

FBI Announces Campaign to Seek Public Assistance Identifying Acts of Public Corruption 

FBI Washington
February 18, 2014  

Public Information Office (202) 278-3519

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Washington Field Office is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying public corruption in Northern Virginia. As the FBI’s number one criminal investigative priority, public corruption occurs when a public official, at any level of government—local, state, or federal—does any official act in exchange for money or other free goods or services for private gain. Public corruption could also include public employees who take something of value for their own personal gain, thereby violating the public’s trust. Public corruption hits at the heart of what a government is supposed to do—serve its people.

Listen: Public Service Announcement
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Public corruption is often the result of agreements made in whispered conversations and sealed with quick handshakes. The secretive nature of the crime makes it difficult to detect without the assistance of concerned citizens. Many of the FBI’s investigations into public corruption begin with a tip from someone who encounters corruption. Therefore, the public’s willingness to come forward and report abuse of public office is essential to the FBI’s investigations. The FBI’s Washington Field Office has a dedicated squad of agents that investigate allegations of public corruption in Northern Virginia. To help identify potential criminal activity, the Washington Field Office has set up a Northern Virginia Public Corruption Hotline at 703-686-6225 and e-mail at

While the vast majority of public officials are honest in their work and committed to serving their fellow citizens, unfortunately, a small percentage of public officials abuse their offices and the positions that they were sworn to uphold. Examples of corruption, where bribery and/or kickbacks occur in exchange for official action, could include public corruption committed by:

  • Government officials such as DMV employees; city inspectors; taxing or zoning assessors or other regulatory agency employees; or even town councils or mayors;
  • Contracting officials at all levels, including those who manage government contracts or regulatory permits; or school resource officers who manage school accounts;
  • Local officials colluding with real estate investors to rig the bidding process at foreclosure auctions;
  • A person representing the judicial branch—a judge, member of the jury or court personnel;
  • A person representing law enforcement who steals drugs from criminals, embezzles government funds, falsifies records, or smuggles contraband.
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Two recent examples of public corruption investigated by the FBI’s Washington Field Office, which includes jurisdiction over Northern Virginia, are a DMV employee and two others who pled guilty to accepting bribes in exchange for DMV documents for illegal aliens who were otherwise not eligible; and a chief of a volunteer fire department who pled guilty to theft from a program that received federal funds. Such examples of public corruption erode the public’s confidence and undermine the strength of our government.

Click here to read the original press release on the DOJ Website