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The Dark History and Present of Nazis in Arlington VA

28 Aug

The leader of the American Nazi party lived and assasinated in Arlington.  Read more:  Nazis in Arlington



There are still Nazi worshippers in Arlington.  Read more: Present Day Arlington Nazis.





Foster Children & Families: Listen to This Foster Child – Get Out ASAP

26 Feb

20161201-img_61811_slide-8536a7cce35dc0ac3fe1ddd8d52b60147a7e0c9d-s1100-c15The Foster Care System, including the failed one in Arlington County, continues to be exploited and milked by foster parents, medical professionals, and county employees, at the expense of Arlington families and children.   We have kept tabs on the Arlington County Department of Human Services and the County Attorney’s that represent them, hoping it would improve and that they would truly put the children and their families of Arlington first.   But, to our disappointment and those of taxpayers who pick up the bill for their waste, nothing much has changed — in fact it has even gotten worse.    They treat families and the foster children like criminals (they even have jailed their families and the foster children), and seem to prefer breaking up families, rather than keeping them together.   More federal dollars for breaking up families!  Sad!

If you are in foster care, listen to this child speak about their experiences.

Get out as soon as you can!   If they try to bribe you with benefits to stay in…ask yourself how have they treated me and my family.   If they treated you like a prisoner or abused you, and treated your family like criminals while you were in foster care, then don’t think it will change after you turn 18 — it will only get worse.   You are the evidence for their abuse and exploitation, and they don’t want to lose control of you to protect themselves.   They are not doing it for you but for themselves!

Families, if you live in Arlington Virginia with children, we recommend you get out of Arlington as soon as you can.    The system in Arlington and the folks running it don’t seem to care to change their ways, but continue to treat children as prisoners and families as criminals.   Until the Arlington Department of Human Services and the Arlington County Attorney’s office cleans house, its not going to get better.

Consistently Poor Judgment in Judicial Appointments: No @HopeforVirginia

11 Apr

Three actions by the Virginia General Assembly show how the Virginia legislature is completely out of touch with the dysfunction in our Arlington Courts.   It also demonstrates how the process of picking judges for Arlington is not based on merit, but who you know (or are related too…just like the MAFIA).

Robin RobbThe General Assembly has unanimously voted to appoint Robin Robb to replace the departing (none too soon (Anti-)) Family Judge Esther Wiggins Lyles.   The six year appointment begins in July 2016.

Who is Robin Robb?   First off, she is the wife of Judge Benjamin Kendrick.   You know Judge Kendrick as a rough around the edges, shoots from the hip, and often ignoring the law in ruling on his cases.   He messed up a lot of families in Arlington.   A number of other very qualified candidates were under consideration, but somehow, with the support of Delegate Patrick Hope, the retired Judges wife was picked to replace Judge Wiggins.   Really!

Wait, it gets better! (Actually, gets worse).

Judge Esther WigginsDuring the session, the legislature threw Judge Wiggins a bone by passing a resolution honoring the “great fairness and wisdom” of Judge Wiggins, who served (and messed up the lives of numerous families and children) for 18 years after service in the Commonwealth Attorney’s office of Arlington.   Apparently none of those legislators ever set foot in Judge Wiggins courtroom and listened to how unfair and lacking in wisdom she was on a daily basis.   Apparently they had not read all of the testimony against Judge Wiggins and the complaints against her.   Maybe, if they had, they would have gotten rid of Judge Wiggins sooner.

Judge Varoutsos Arlington VirginiaSpeaking of getting rid of bad judges, anyone who attended the reappointment hearing last December 2015 for Judge Varoutsos would have walked away thinking that he was not going to get reappointed.  Judge Varoutsos came under heavy criticism in the lawyers surveys for entering orders lacking legal argument or erroneous argument.   But, true to form, the legislature ignored the opinions of members of the public and practitioners, and, instead, reappointed Judge Varoutsos for another six year term.

So, what is the take-away from these actions?   It is that if you want to be a judge or stay a judge in Arlington, be a dues-paying member of the Arlington Judicial Mafia (i.e., answer to the legislators who themselves or their partners often practice before you), and be as unqualified as you can be because it will only count against you and get in the way of ruling on cases the way the guys in Richmond want  you to.

Arlington deserves better quality judges.  The citizens should vote out any legislator who fails to make it their top priority.    Otherwise, there is no @HopeforVirginia

Source: Sun Gazette Arlington March 17, 2016

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Happy Holidays to All the Arlington County Foster Children Who Arlington CPS Refuses to Allow Them to Speak or Be With Their Families

19 Dec

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to foster children who were ripped from their families by Arlington CPS for bogus and immaterial reasons.   You and your families will be vindicated in the coming year.   So don’t give up hope and don’t allow them to adopt you out.   Know that your families think about you every day, they keep fighting  for you, and that good will eventually prevail over the evil.

To those foster children who have been cut off by agencies, like the Arlington County CPS, do not give up hope, demand your rights to have your own attorney, and don’t surrender to offers of the mirage of a false panacea of adoption* because your family loves you and will keep working hard to get you back with them.   Bless you.  Amen.

*: In the opinion of Arlington Resident News, if you are considering being adopted, demand that the state give you your own independent lawyer of your own choosing to represent you and make sure you don’t do something you will later regret.   You should demand that you be allowed consult with any member of your own family to help you in making the decision.   If you are old enough (typically at least 16 or older), you have the right to refuse to be adopted.  At a minimum, be sure to make it a condition (in writing) that any adoption be “open” so that you have full rights to speak with and talk to anyone in your family that you wish to both before and after the adoption.    By being adopted  you could be giving up important rights you might have, including control over your own future!  Be sure to make an informed decision by talking to as many people and lawyers as you can before agreeing to any adoption.