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Arlington Sheriffs Deputy Who Murdered Innocent Man Found Guilty in Alexandria

13 Dec
Arlington Sheriff's Deputy Patterson (Left) and His Murder Victim Julian Dawkins

Arlington Sheriff’s Deputy Patterson (Left) and His Murder Victim Julian Dawkins

In contrast to Arlington County, which covers up violent behavior by some of its Sheriff’s Deputies even when on the job, Alexandria prosecuted and, now, successfully convicted Arlington County Sheriff’s Deputy Craig Patterson for murdering Alexandria resident Julian Dawkins.  The successful conviction came after a week long jury trial.  Four of the jurors began sobbing when Dawkins mother took the stand during the sentencing phase of the trial.    The prosecutions theory, which prevailed, was that the Sheriff’s Deputy killed Dawkins because Patterson felt “disrespected” by Dawkins.   A number of Arlington Sheriff’s Deputies testified at trial in support of Patterson.  This shows the mental instability of Patterson, and the questionable judgment of other Arlington Sheriff’s Deputies who continue to infest the Arlington County Courthouse.

The jury has recommended six years in prison for murdering Julian Dawkins.   A cheap price to pay for having taken a life of an innocent person.


Judge Wiggins: Anti-Mother Again

30 Oct
Arlington County Sheriff

Arlington County Sheriff (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

Ms. Hernandez made a serious and fatal mistake.  She left her son, Nathan, in his car seat for six hours while she was at work at the Catholic Diocese in July, on a day when the high temperature reached 90 degrees. She intended to drop the boy off at day care and didn’t realize the baby was in the car until she went to pick up another child.

Judge Wiggins, who has demonstrated herself to be less than understanding of maternal instinct and generally shown herself to be antimother in many cases over the last decade, has allowed the prosecution of this poor mother to go forward and be presented to a grand jury.  Inept Arlington Judge Esther Wiggins improbably found probable cause Monday to continue with a charge of felony neglect against 32-year-old Zoraida Magali Conde Hernandez.

Ashlie After Brutal Beating

Ashlie After Brutal Beating

The irony is that this obvious mistake by this poor mother, whose loss of her child has caused her to suffer enough, is going before a grand jury, but Judge Wiggins said nothing about the failure to prosecute the Arlington Sheriff’s Deputy who beat and tasered 11 year old Ashlie Mae O’Brien in the public hallway outside of her office door on December 7, 2011.

Double standard — prosecute the poor mother, while letting the criminal Arlington Sheriff’s Deputy go free.   Did you expect any better from the corrupt Arlington County Family Court?  Nah!

NSF Abandoning Arlington, Another Major Employer of Highly Trained Workers Escapes Its Lawlessness

9 Jun
National Science Foundation (NSF) Logo, reprod...

National Science Foundation (NSF) Logo, reproduction allowed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Arlington County suffered another rejection by a major US government employer,  the National Science Foundation.    The NSF headquarters is currently located in Ballston, in Arlington, Virginia.   It will be moving within 3 to 4 years to Alexandria Virginia near the Eisenhower Metro station.

Comparing the quality of life between the two areas, in particular Arlington’s inferior judiciary, a sheriff’s department with a culture of violence against citizens (and now murder), and child protection agency of Arlington that removes kids from good families and destroys lives, the move is not surprising.    As any reader of this blog would realize, any family with kids would be wise not to live in Arlington County.

Not surprisingly, Arlington County put out a statement stating that NSF’s leaving the county was not in their “best interests.”   But, just like Arlington does not seem to know what is in the best interests of the children whose lives it has destroyed, it is clear that Arlington is out of touch with what is in the best interests of NSF.   Arlington needs to do some soul searching and to change its attitude before more smart people leave.

NSF is filled with smart people and they have the option to seek a better place, and they did.

Read More: NSF Leaves Arlington County

Court of Appeals of Virginia Hears the Landmark Appeal of the Mistaken Removal of Ashlie by Arlington DHS

6 Jun

Yesterday, in an open hearing in the historic Alexandria courthouse, the Court of Appeals of Virginia heard the three appeal cases for the CPS mistaken removal and separation of Ashlie from her loving family.   Delores Heffernan vs. Arlington DHS (Record 1471-12-4, and 1520-12-4) and Patricia Tackett vs. Arlington DHS (Record No. 1519-12-4)

Ashlie Mae OBrien


The many Ashlie Supporters who attended were very complimentary of the polite demeanor and intelligence shown by the members of the panel.  (Honorable Chief Judge Honorable Walter S. Felton, Jr., Honorable Robert J. Humphreys, and and Honorable D. Arthur Kelsey).  After each case, the panel members showed tremendous humility and grace by getting up from the bench and personally greeting each counsel and pro se Appellant Delores Heffernan.

Other notable highlights of the hearing was the concession of Arlington Assistant County Attorney Jason McCandless that Ashlie’s parents were not provided any notice as required for the proper removal of Ashlie.   It was apparent that the court panel thought this was a major mistake by Arlington DHS.   It showed their disregard for the rights of Ashlie’s parents.

Ashlie Mae OBrien and James Toscano

An unenergetic sounding Assistant County Attorney Mr. McCandless  also tried to convince the court that “past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.”     Apparently he did not think through the implications of his statement.   If a Freudian slip, it shows that Arlington County, in fact, considers no parent  “reformable,” and thus worthy of having their children returned — a clear violation of the federal law and Virginia law requiring that the goal be return of children to their families.   Mr. McCandless has personally been the primary impediment to the reunification of Ashlie with her family.   Although not a social worker nor having any qualifications as such, he personally vetoed allowing Ashlie to even have a telephone call with her sister or any other member of her family for the last year.   Mr. McCandless also made many false statements to the court that were not supported by any evidence or findings of the trial court record.

Karen Grane, GAL

GAL, Karen Grane looked severely depressed and disheveled.  She took typically two minutes to tell the court the same “boilerplate” statement to the panel that contributed nothing to the legal issues being discussed.

Sherri BrothersSherri Brothers, the Arlington DHS supervisor, seemed more interested in texting during the hearing than paying attention to what was being discussed with regard to Ashlie’s fate.   Her fingers were feverishly tapping at her telephone keyboard throughout.    This, despite the warning on the court door that phones must be turned off in the courtroom.     Hopefully whoever she was texting (it is assumed it was texting, rather than playing a game) appreciated the devotion she had to her texting activity.

Attorneys Kramer and Tuomey did excellent jobs of representing their clients, Ashlie’s Mother Patricia Tackett and Grandmother Delores Heffernan, respectively.   Both helped the court sort through complex issues of “first impression,” that will no doubt set precedent for the Commonwealth.

Delores Heffernan O'Brien and Ashlie Mae O'Brien

Delores Heffernan and Ashlie

Ashlie’s Maryland Circuit Court Appointed Guardian and grandmother, Delores Heffernan presented an emotional, but accurate, picture of how Ashlie’s removal and the subsequent process were violative of both moral and legal principles.   How Ashlie had suffered.   She also made the case how Judge Kendrick plageurized an affidavit from the JDR court proceeding for his findings and, possibly an indication of his failing mind, read statements that were complete non-sense.  As as result, it was shown that Judge Kendrick violated the requirements for a de novo trial in circuit court.  She also pointed out that Ashlie’s home state at the time of removal was Maryland.   Her mother was also living in Maryland.   Thus, Arlington took Ashlie without proper subject matter jurisdiction.

All and all, those who attended were impressed with the Court of Appeals panel, and found the panel a refreshing contrast to quality of what they had seen in the Arlington County courthouse below.

Ashlie would be proud of how her family is fighting for her return to her family and the broad support her cause is getting from many citizens.