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Foster Children & Families: Listen to This Foster Child – Get Out ASAP

26 Feb

20161201-img_61811_slide-8536a7cce35dc0ac3fe1ddd8d52b60147a7e0c9d-s1100-c15The Foster Care System, including the failed one in Arlington County, continues to be exploited and milked by foster parents, medical professionals, and county employees, at the expense of Arlington families and children.   We have kept tabs on the Arlington County Department of Human Services and the County Attorney’s that represent them, hoping it would improve and that they would truly put the children and their families of Arlington first.   But, to our disappointment and those of taxpayers who pick up the bill for their waste, nothing much has changed — in fact it has even gotten worse.    They treat families and the foster children like criminals (they even have jailed their families and the foster children), and seem to prefer breaking up families, rather than keeping them together.   More federal dollars for breaking up families!  Sad!

If you are in foster care, listen to this child speak about their experiences.

Get out as soon as you can!   If they try to bribe you with benefits to stay in…ask yourself how have they treated me and my family.   If they treated you like a prisoner or abused you, and treated your family like criminals while you were in foster care, then don’t think it will change after you turn 18 — it will only get worse.   You are the evidence for their abuse and exploitation, and they don’t want to lose control of you to protect themselves.   They are not doing it for you but for themselves!

Families, if you live in Arlington Virginia with children, we recommend you get out of Arlington as soon as you can.    The system in Arlington and the folks running it don’t seem to care to change their ways, but continue to treat children as prisoners and families as criminals.   Until the Arlington Department of Human Services and the Arlington County Attorney’s office cleans house, its not going to get better.

Justice and Mercy: We Can Only Wish that Some Arlington Judges Showed It

17 Nov
Chief Judge Newman

Chief Judge Newman

A very touching piece appeared awhile ago in the online publication, “Inside Nova.”   The article spoke about the Honorable Chief Justice William Newman and the struggles he endured through segregation in Arlington and his philosophy of being a judge.

To his credit the article reflected how he was positively viewed by members of the legal bar as fair — a goal to which he aspired.   As one lawyer quoted in the article said:  “Judge Newman today? All right!”

That quote reflects both the perceived fairness of Judge Newman, and the perceived unfairness of other judges on the Arlington bench.

As those who have read this blog over the years know, there were and continue to be some very bad apples on the bench in Arlington Virginia court.     They have been known to deny parties their constitutional right to chosen counsel, refusing to recuse themselves when clearly having a conflict of interest, blatantly denying a party’s right to a speedy trial, and having ex parte discussions with one party without properly informing the other party.

One part of the solution that should be seriously considered is the persistent proposal of merging the small (and not very busy) Arlington Court with the Alexandria court.     A bigger merged court would create efficiencies, eliminate waste, and present a wider variety of judges to hear cases.

In addition, Judge Newman can take steps to improve the performance of the other judges by reviewing their case handling by regularly surveying users of the courts (attorneys, parties, and court observers).

It is only through such measures that all parties appearing before these Arlington courts will be shown “Justice and Mercy,” not just those who go before Judge Newman — and Arlington will finally get a quality of justice in its courts that the community deserves.

See, “Inside Nova.”

Congratulations to Libby Garvey on Her Reelection to the Arlington County Board

15 Jun

“Arlington County Board chair Libby Garvey on Tuesday easily won the Democratic nomination for a second term on the County Board, rebuffing the efforts of party activists who staged a rare challenge to her reelection.

“Voters rejected efforts by the Democratic establishment to punish Garvey for her support of Republican-turned-independent John Vihstadt, whose election in 2014 ended 15 years of an all-Democratic board.

“Garvey received 8,362 votes, and Erik Gutshall had 6,878, according to unofficial returns.”

Read More: Washington Post

Don’t Forget to Vote for Garvey in Arlington on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

6 Jun

libby-garvey-headshotJune 14, 2016 Primary: There will be a Democratic Primary for County Board on June 14. Here is the list of polling place before you head to the polls!

Candidates in order they will appear on the ballot (determined by a drawing by the Electoral Board since they filed at the same time):

Erik Gutshall

Libby T. Garvey*

Sample Ballot, June 14, 2016 Democratic Primary

*: Libby Garvey is the existing board member up for reelection who has shown herself to be independently minded and to not “vote with the crowd” of other board members.   She is a constructive member of the new and improved Arlington County Board.   For that reason, Arlington Resident News endorses Ms. Garvey for reelection.

November 8, 2016 General and Special Election: On the ballot will be President and Vice President of the United States, House of Representatives (8th District), County Board, and School Board (two seats). We also expect a special election for Virginia Constitutional amendments and County bond questions. The ballot will not be final until late August/early September.