Arlington Loses A Great Parent

14 Mar

Increasingly, we have come across stories of how parent’s lives were lost after a judge arbitrarily and/or corruptly has taken a child from a loving parent.     It is almost unimaginable the psychological damage that is done to both the parents and the child.   The Child Protective Services and, in turn, the family court, by necessity, has to create a most damaging narrative to assure that, on appeal, the decision to take the child away is upheld.  So, not only are the physical and legal bonds broken, but the “record” often must include manufactured false claims of personal deficiencies of the parents — a narrative that not only haunts the child but also the parents as well.

Such was the case of Sabrina Hey, a child that Arlington Family Court Judge Wiggins snatched from the caring love of her mother Nancy Hey and Kit Slitor.   Despite doing everything Arlington CPS told them to do, Judge Wiggins destroyed their family to traffic Sabrina to the politically connected adoptive parents.

This past Sunday, an overwhelming number of mourners attended the memorial service for Kit Slitor.  Testimonials were given praising his and Nancy’s contributions to the lives of Sabrina, and others.   Unfortunately, because of Judge Wiggins corrupt actions, including her refusal to reunite Sabrina with her family, Sabrina will have lost the opportunity when she grows older to be reunited with her father, a wonderful and intelligent man, who abruptly lost his life prematurely.

Was this “murder” by Judge Wiggins?  Not technically, but certainly at a minimum moral manslaughter.

Arlington will be a much better place with the imminent departure of Judge Wiggins, but much worse off with the loss of Kit Slitor.

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