Happy Holidays to All the Arlington County Foster Children Who Arlington CPS Refuses to Allow Them to Speak or Be With Their Families

19 Dec

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to foster children who were ripped from their families by Arlington CPS for bogus and immaterial reasons.   You and your families will be vindicated in the coming year.   So don’t give up hope and don’t allow them to adopt you out.   Know that your families think about you every day, they keep fighting  for you, and that good will eventually prevail over the evil.

To those foster children who have been cut off by agencies, like the Arlington County CPS, do not give up hope, demand your rights to have your own attorney, and don’t surrender to offers of the mirage of a false panacea of adoption* because your family loves you and will keep working hard to get you back with them.   Bless you.  Amen.

*: In the opinion of Arlington Resident News, if you are considering being adopted, demand that the state give you your own independent lawyer of your own choosing to represent you and make sure you don’t do something you will later regret.   You should demand that you be allowed consult with any member of your own family to help you in making the decision.   If you are old enough (typically at least 16 or older), you have the right to refuse to be adopted.  At a minimum, be sure to make it a condition (in writing) that any adoption be “open” so that you have full rights to speak with and talk to anyone in your family that you wish to both before and after the adoption.    By being adopted  you could be giving up important rights you might have, including control over your own future!  Be sure to make an informed decision by talking to as many people and lawyers as you can before agreeing to any adoption.