Arlington’s One Party Elections

28 Oct

Once again it is time for elections — November 3, 2015.

A quick look at the ballot shows a clear lack of choice — with only one choice for each elected position.

The quality of our government is determined by the quality of its elected officials AND their responsiveness to their constituents.  Why would any Arlington official feel they must be responsive to the citizens if no one ran against them.

Republican party is clearly in bed with the Democrats in Virginia.   Thank goodness there are some independent candidates….We urge you to vote for them, and where there is no choice, write in votes for anyone else.   Its time to break up this monopoly on power in Arlington.

Office Candidates
Senate of Virginia, 30th District Adam P. Ebbin (D), incumbent
James R. Fisher (IG)
Senate of Virginia, 31st District Barbara A. Favola (D), incumbent
George V. Forakis (R)
Senate of Virginia, 32nd District Janet D. Howell (D), incumbent
House of Delegates, 45th District Mark H. Levine (D)
House of Delegates, 47th District Patrick A. Hope (D), incumbent
Janet H. Murphy (IG)
House of Delegates, 48th District R. C. “Rip” Sullivan (D), incumbent
House of Delegates, 49th District Alfonso H. Lopez (D), incumbent
Clerk of Circuit Court Paul F. Ferguson (D), incumbent
Commonwealth’s Attorney Theo K. Stamos (D), incumbent
Sheriff Elizabeth F. “Beth” Arthur (D), incumbent
Commissioner of Revenue Ingrid H. Morroy (D), incumbent
Treasurer Carla F. De La Pava (D), incumbent
County Board (two seats up for election) Kate A. “Katie” Cristol (D)
Christian E. Dorsey (D)
Audrey R. Clement (I)
Michael T. McMenamin (I)
School Board Reid S. Goldstein
B. A. “Brooklyn” Kinlay

Background Info for Commonwealth Attorney and Sheriff:

Theo Stamos

Beth Arthur