Sign the Petition Amend Virginia Code so that Child Protective Services must prove family “unfit” beyond a reasonable doubt.

3 Oct

Stop the madness of Virginia CPS destroying good families and the organized crime of profiting off of our kids’ misery. Sign the petition to change the law: Sign Here

The Child Protective Services and the foster care system in Virginia are broken. Let’s end the “Kids for Cash” program in Virginia.

Currently Virginia has a program whereby social workers and guardian ad litems split children away from their parents due an in-existent alleged “danger” of the child’s well-being.

The Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court forces the parents to prove the danger does not exist under a court of law. The parents often do not have knowledge of what the “danger” the social worker or guardian ad litem is asserting, because the social worker or guardian ad litem also often claim that it is in the best interest of the child for the parent not to know, preventing any effective defense to the vague or unspecified assertion of potential danger to the child..

Another issue is these social workers are rated, as to how well they are doing their job, only by the courts.

Virginia makes money from the federal government as an incentive to foster care. The foster parents make a lot of money and often these kids are abused, because the real motive of the foster parents is income production, not child development and care.

Some judges put gag orders on parents asserting the “the gag itself is in the best interest of the child,” so that the parents cannot talk to the press, friends or neighbors without risking permanent loss of their children as wards of the state available for adoption.

When children are actually adopted the Commonwealth of Virginia receives $5,000 to $8,000 “Per Unit Child” in federal Medicaid funds. Through federal grants, Virginia can make up to $500,000 “per unit child.” This creates a perverse incentive for Virginia to misuse its state authority by Medicaid Fraud to destroy perfectly good families and simply “cash in on the kids.”

As a result, formerly perfectly happy children, are being needlessly stripped from their loving families and then are maltreated and trained to hate the state.

The next generation of criminals are being created for future Virginia citizens to have to pay for, and deal with, in crime and loss of liberty, for a quick “Kids for Cash” Medicaid fraud fix right now for a Federal- Cash-Addicted Commonwealth of Virginia.

This is a very sorry political trade-off, which has been engaged in over the past few administrations, by both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Illicit “Cash-for-Kids schemes, via the destruction of families, are now creating a multi-generational echo of even more needless crime into our future, which is a direct result of foolishly abusing state authority, to engage in recklessly dismantling perfectly good families.

All Virginians should evaluate this problem now, and help me save these helpless children.   Sign the petition today.