Arlington DHS and Arlington Family Court Could Learn from This…

8 Jul

PBS POV has screened an excellent documentary by Stephanie Wang-Breal “Tough Love.”

It  asks the questions: What makes a good parent? How do you prove you are responsible after you’ve been deemed unfit? Having lost custody of their children to Child Protective Services, two parents — one in New York City and one in Seattle — fight to win back the trust of the courts and reunite their families.”

Would you have reunited the children in this documentary with these parents?   The ebbs and the flows of the proceedings are shown in detail.   Most notable is the frustration of the family attorney (documentary at 45 mins – 55 mins) that the court and CPS artificially holds these parents to a higher standard than other parents (who have not been caught up in the system); how the system imposes artificial requirements on the parents that require them to go to meetings and treatment programs during the day thus making normal work difficult if not impossible, and that the system seeks perfection from these parents even though the standard is only requiring that the child be safe.

This is a must see for every Arlington DHS/CPS employee and Arlington family and circuit court judge (and their clerks)!   Unfortunately, the Arlington system has exhibited the worst of CPS seen in this video..rather than the best.   Maybe they will watch it with an open mind and improve how they do things, and, just as importantly, maybe they will find it in their hearts to review old cases and extend the effort necessary to reunite families with the many children they have separated over the years.

This excellent documentary is available for online viewing through August 6, 2015 at:

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