Virginia Now Fires Bad Judges (Its About Time!)

7 Jun
Justice Powell

Justice Powell Will head the Review of the evaluation process

Bad Virginia judges watch out, Richmond is finally making an effort to get rid of bad judges based on anonymous feedback from attorneys.

Of course, not everyone is happy about this — particularly the Judges who were kicked off the bench.

The Supreme Court put an evaluation tool in place last year. The evaluation of each judge is based on the results from a survey of lawyers who regularly appear in the judge’s court. The lawyers answer an anonymous questionnaire that seeks to look at such qualities as fairness, temperament and courtroom management.

The General Assembly used the new process to justify the ouster of five sitting judges, including veteran Richmond General District Court Judge Birdie H. Jamison.

The legislature’s action sent shockwaves through the state’s judicial ranks.  

The Judicial Performance Evaluation Program relies on surveys of lawyers. 

Judge Jamison, who has served 24 years, must leave the bench Nov. 30 after failing to win re-election by the legislature to a new six-year term.    The four other judges the legislature removed include: Karen J. Burrell, who was chief judge of the Norfolk Circuit Court, an African-American; Pamela E. Hutchens, a Virginia Beach General District Court judge; and two white male judges, David L. Williams, chief judge of the Chesapeake General District Court, and Alfred O. Masters Jr., a Newport News General District Court judge, who was near the mandatory retirement age of 70.

So, attorneys please be sure to fill in those forms, and lets make an effort to clean out the bad judges from the Arlington Courthouse.

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