Arlington: Aren’t You Glad The County Decided to Not Waste Money on a Streetcar?

11 Mar

Just in case you have not been following it, Washington DC went ahead and spent 200 million dollars on a “starter” streetcar down H Street NE.  It has yet to enter service and before it even opens (assuming it ever opens) numerous accidents have occurred.

Mayor Muriel Bowser is wisely revisiting the basic question: should DC proceed with its streetcar?  It is looks like they are not going to go forward with spending the $2 billion needed to run and expand the starter 2 mile system.

Just think of what DC could have done with that $200 million they spent so far?   Arlington (reluctantly) ultimately made the right decision to not go forward with a streetcar down Columbia Pike.   Kudos to the Board members who fought for stopping that waste of money.

Now…if they could only stop wasting money on the Arlington Department of Human Services and the family courts that are destroying families and ruining children’s lives in Arlington….

Arlington, give back the kids you took from good families and save taxpayer money, too!