DC Streetcars: Traffic Jams, Slower Buses, Hazard to Cyclists and Fender Benders

23 Oct
DC Streetcars Blocking Traffic and Slowing Buses

DC Streetcars Blocking Traffic and Slowing Buses

The deficiencies of installing streetcars are obvious.   DC has been testing out its new 2 mile line on H Street NE and things have not been going well.    The buses on H Street run slower because the streetcars operate at a slower speed than the buses and thus they  typically buses are getting stuck behind the streetcars.   The streetcars also appear to block intersections as they slow down at crossings.    They also accelerate slower .

Oh, but that is not all.   Driver’s mirrors are getting clipped because they don’t realize they are parked in the way of the streetcars.   In addition, Cyclists are effectively prevented from riding in the street because their tires can get stuck in the tracks.

Things are not looking good for the DC streetcars future.   Now DC folks are talking about not expanding it as they had originally planned beyond the initial deployment.

Arlington still has a chance to learn from this mistake of DC, and go to electric buses (using overhead wires), or some other environmentally friendly alternatives that don’t have the excessive expense and deficiencies of streetcars.

Read more: http://wamu.org/news/14/08/04/streetcars_take_to_h_street_ne_for_operator_training