How Long a Rap Sheet Does Arlington DHS Require Before They Give a Parent Legal and Physical Custody of a Child?

1 Oct

An interesting case we have come across where a mother has raised her children and then ran into some financial hardships and made a mistake of pleading guilty to a misdemeanor of leaving one child unattended for a very short period of time in a double parked car.   She wanted to return to her home country to get help with housing and family support (because Arlington failed to give it, just like they typically do in other cases where they want to take away the kids).   Instead of helping this mother (who was given a clean bill of health psychologically, and who clearly cared about her kids), Arlington DHS sought out the unbeknownst birth father in another state.

What is interesting about this father is that he has a very long criminal rap sheet, including recent open cases.   Nevertheless, Arlington Department of Human Services (DHS) bent over backwards to take the kid away from the mother and give it to this “father” even though he did not even know he was the father of any of these kids!   He also had a record of being behind in child support for another child he had with another woman.

So, what does Arlington DHS’s Wilson, Brothers, and County Attorneys McCandless and Grane do?   They chose to ignore these obvious shortcomings of this unbeknownst father and strongly recommend to the court that the absentee unbehnownst father (whose only connection to the child was his DNA) be given full legal and physical custody of a child he never knew, and, thus, obviously had no emotional attachment to — while depriving any legal or physical custody to the birth mother who brought them up from birth on her own!

Boy, who is getting paid off for this one!   This case is further evidence that Arlington Virginia DHS discriminates against mothers, and doesn’t give a damn about the children and their families.   Furthermore, they pick and choose when to consider factors (such as criminal records) as “negative,” and when to ignore them.    We don’t fault the father here…it is Arlington DHS who is clearly to blame for this royal screwup.  Arlington DHS and County attorney’s office needs to clear out the personnel involved in this case because, in our opinion, they are acting like they are either on the take or seriously mentally off.   [As far as we know, Arlington DHS and County Attorneys who represent them do not have to be evaluated for their psychological health — but clearly they should.]