Arlington’s circuit court has prepared an overflow room to hand out same sex marriage licenses

20 Aug

[Late Breaker: Not so fast, the Supreme Court issued a stay late this afternoon.  So, this won’t be resolved until as late as next June 2015 — so put away those bottles of champaign for now!]

Virginia officials are preparing for the possibility that same-sex couples will be able to wed in the state Thursday by drafting a revised marriage license form for courthouse clerks to use as soon as they open their doors.  The state’s ban on same-sex marriages was struck down by the 4th US circuit court of appeals, which decided not to delay its ruling while it is appealed. Unless the US supreme court intervenes, same-sex marriages will be legal beginning at 8am on Thursday.

The revised license forms “would reflect the constitutional right of same-sex couples to legally marry in Virginia by asking for the name and gender of each spouse, whereas before, the form required a bride and groom because that was all the Commonwealth could legally recognize”, Michael Kelly, a spokesman for the Virginia attorney general’s office, said in an email to the Associated Press.

This is great news for many of Arlington’s DHS and Guardian Ad Litems that were instrumental in taking kids from their parents, destroying their families, and have been hoping to adopt some of those kids to LGBT couples.

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