Financial Woes Caused by Family Court Contributed to Robin Williams Depression

13 Aug

Robin WilliamsThe world is in mourning for Robin Williams, who committed suicide on Monday.   The superstar comedian was battling depression aggravated in part by overly burdensome family court divorce settlements — causing him to be in impossible financial distress. His death, and the circumstances surrounding it, raises the growing concern of the damages that family courts can do to families by ignoring the health and wellbeing of all of their members, rather than focusing on an arbitrary myopic standard such as “best interests of the child.”

As in the many cases that this blog has written about, e.g. Mackney, O’Brien Heffernan, Hey, and Parish, the family courts have used a “scorched earth” approach destroying families — by systematically victimizing not only the children but also the rest of their families.

When will the family court laws be changed to end this insanity?   How many more families must be destroyed?   When is the immunity for Arlington judges, case workers, and county attorneys going to be eliminated so that they can be forced to answer for their criminal conduct? Read More: LA Times