Spotted in Richmond: Governor Terry McAuliffe Briefed on Misuse of Medicaid Funds to Incarcerate Foster Children in Virginia

12 May

Virginia Constituent Meets with Governor Mccullah to discuss Medicaid Fraud in Foster Care in VirginiaHanging around Richmond and Washington DC, you can often see interesting pairings.   At this recent event, we spotted on Virginia constituent in intense discussions with newly elected Governor Terry McAuliffe about the misuse of Medicaid Funds to misplace kids in psychiatric facilities rather than proper foster homes in Virginia.

The Governor expressed great concern and that he would be very interested in doing something to stop this misuse.   In fact, after their initial discussion and his speech, the Governor went out of his way to connect up with the constituent to “close the loop” and make sure to make an introduction to someone who would take care of it.   Nice guy and very sincere.

The consequences of the misuse of Medicaid funds for foster care is not only destructive to normal kids who are placed in these mental institutions at Medicaid expense, it can have fatal consequences caused by the unavailability of beds by those who need them — like in the case of State Senator Deeds son.

We are certainly hopeful that this will put an end to the practice in Arlington of locking up children in these facilities where Arlington DHS is either too lazy or incompetent or corrupt (like those Judges who were prosecuted up in Pennsylvania) to find these children a proper foster care home.

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