Who would have thought the White House is “Adjacent to” the US Supreme Court?

28 Apr

325px-WhiteHouseSouthFacadeSupreme_Court_Front_DuskSupposing someone were to describe how far the White House was from the US Supreme Court.   Would it be anywhere close to accurate to describe them as being “adjacent to” each other?

(actual distance about 2 miles)

white house to us supreme courtHow about Arlington County Courthouse?  Would anyone truthfully consider it “adjacent to” the Key Bridge?

Of course not.

(actual distance also about 2 miles)

If a county attorney made such a representation (involving other landmarks), who by virtue of their being a member of the Virginia bar had a duty to be truthful before a judge, would you consider such a representation to be truthful and in good faith?  Do you think such a county attorney should be practicing law in Virginia?

Of course not.

How about a county attorney who represents to a court that he served opposing counsel with a brief but instead sends the copy to the opposing counsel’s old address (that he/she vacated at least a year before and he knew that to be the case)?   Then what if that county attorney  represents that he was going to admit his mistake to the court and ask the court to allow the opposing counsel additional time, but then the motion he promised to file is not filed, so no extension was granted.

Do you think the Arlington County board and/or manager should remove that county attorney for lacking ethics?  Should the taxpayers be paying the salary for such an attorney?