Relisha Rudd’s Problems Started in Virginia’s Foster Care System

9 Apr

No doubt by now readers are familiar with the disappearance of Relisha Rudd — where it is suspected that, with the cooperation of her mother, she was sold into sex trafficking in Washington DC.   She had been living with her mother and her siblings in a homeless shelter in Washington DC.  The second-grader was allowed to live with her mother, Shamika Young, a 27-year-old residing in a D.C. homeless shelter with four kids, posting Facebook photos of herself and her boyfriend “high as kites,” whose daughter showed up to school hungry and dirty and who crossed paths with city social workers more than once.

What you may not have heard is that Relisha’s problems started in the Virginia foster care system.  Namely, its philosophy that children are better off in foster care — where lots of the foster care parasite-professionals can make money off of them — instead of trying to keep them with their family.

Relisha’s mother is the product of the foster care system in Virginia, where she bounced from home to home from the time she was 6 until she turned 18. By Virginia’s foster care system taking her out of a family environment, she never learned much about how to be a parent before she had Relisha at 19, followed by her three younger brothers.

The foster care system of Virginia is so mismanaged and misguided that it has entire homes, run by private companies such as Intercept Youth Services, dedicated to foster children who have become pregnant while in foster care.    Then, you may ask, what happens to their babies?   What do you think?  They also freely use psychotropic drugs to control the kids, conditioning them (like Relisha’s mom) to see drugs as a solution to their behavioral and social problems.

Arlington County is one of the biggest offenders.   Maybe one day Arlington County Board will take responsibility for the damage that its Department of Human Services is causing our kids.