Glenn Beck Exposing Atrocities of Family Courts Trying to Silence Parents

25 Feb

** UPDATE: February 28, 2014: According to TheBlaze.Com – Mass DCF has released a statement about the Justina Pelletier Case…

The Massachusetts Department of Children & Families on Friday broke its silence about the high-profile case involving a Connecticut teenager taken away from her parents last year after disagreement over a diagnosis led to accusations of medical child abuse.

“Our primary goal has always been the health and well-being of Justina,” DCF spokesman Alec Loftus said in an emailed statement about the case surrounding Justina Pelletier, who has been out of her parent’s custody for more than a year now.

“We want the parents to be able to work with the providers and courts to ultimately move Justina back to her home state of Connecticut,” Loftus continued. “That is the objective, and is consistent with our previous efforts to find an appropriate placement near her home. A medical team has been identified at Tufts, the family’s provider of choice, with the clinical expertise to care for Justina.”

The agency is withdrawing its motion, issued last week, to have Lou Pelletier, Justina’s father, held in contempt of court for breaking a gag order, an official said.

Everyone is continued to asked to keep making phone calls and keep up the fight. For more on the story – visit:


Contempt Charges Filed Against Dad Who Defied Gag Order to Tell Daughter’s Heartbreaking Story

The Massachusetts Department of Children & Families filed for Lou Pelletier — the father of 15-year-old Justina Pelletier who is the center of a controversy and legal battle involving custody, parents’ rights and two medical diagnoses — to be held in contempt of court, a family source told TheBlaze.

When Pelletier spoke with TheBlaze this week about Justina and the controversy regarding her diagnosis that led custody to be taken away from her parents for the last year, he broke a gag order issued by a Massachusetts judge…

The Pelletiers lost custody, at least temporarily, of Justina to DCF on Feb. 14, 2013. After taking her to Boston Children’s Hospital a few days prior when she had the flu, they say doctors at the hospital wanted to change her treatment regimen. Those physicians believed Justina had somatoform disorder, a psychological disorder that said the symptoms she experienced were all in her head. The Pelletiers, however, disagreed and believed she should continue treatment for mitochondrial disease, a disease she was diagnosed with and had been treated for by doctors at Tufts Medical Center.

When the Pelletiers went to Boston Children’s Hospital on Valentine’s Day 2013 to have their daughter discharged and taken to Tufts, they were served with a 51A form instead — one that accused them of medical abuse. Essentially, they were accused of treating their daughter medically in a way that she didn’t need.

Since that day, the Pelletiers have had limited communication with their daughter and faced numerous court hearings as it is still being decided what will happen with regard to her custody and treatment. The next court date for this case is on Monday, Feb. 24.

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