Arlington County Sheriff’s Deputy Gets Six Years for Murder

7 Feb
Ashlie After Brutal Beating

Ashlie After Brutal Beating 12/7/2013

Former Arlington County sheriff’s Deputy Patterson will spend the next six years in prison for the shooting death of an Alexandria man.

A judge upheld the jury’s sentencing recommendation for Patterson Thursday, News4’s Northern Virginia Bureau Reporter David Culver reported.  Patterson was convicted back in December of voluntary manslaughter for the death of 22-year-old Julian Dawkins.  On May 22, 2013, Patterson, a 17-year veteran with the sheriff’s office, got into a dispute with Dawkins on the corner of Lynnhaven Drive and Evans Lane. At some point during the dispute, Dawkins was shot. Police said Patterson stayed on the scene.

Alexandria prosecuted the sheriff’s deputy for this heinous crime.   Unfortunately, Arlington County has continued to fail to prosecute and hold responsible the deputies who beating up and tasered a child,  Ashlie, to prevent her from testifying in court that she wanted to live with her family.   The Arlington County sheriff, Beth Arthur, and the prosecuting attorney, Theo Stamos, are both elected officials.