Why CPS Baselessly Takes Kids from Good Parents, and What California Decided to Do About It

19 Dec

In this documentary, CPS administrator admits it has a perverse incentive to take kids, and police and CPS illegally take kids — then they hide behind confidentiality laws to avoid any oversight even by the California state legislature.   After the CPS thumbed their nose at all oversigt efforts by even the California legislature, the legislature initiated an investigation.

Virginia’s new Governor McAuliffe, and the state legislature should initiate a similar investigation into CPS throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, particularly the Arlington Department of Human Services run by Susanne Eisner and CPS run by Heather Stowe, which illegally took Ashlie from her family and have since allowed multiple professionals and others, like Hallmark Youthcare (owned by James Mcafee), to profit from her and her family’s misery that they caused..