Arlington Sheriffs Deputy Who Murdered Innocent Man Found Guilty in Alexandria

13 Dec
Arlington Sheriff's Deputy Patterson (Left) and His Murder Victim Julian Dawkins

Arlington Sheriff’s Deputy Patterson (Left) and His Murder Victim Julian Dawkins

In contrast to Arlington County, which covers up violent behavior by some of its Sheriff’s Deputies even when on the job, Alexandria prosecuted and, now, successfully convicted Arlington County Sheriff’s Deputy Craig Patterson for murdering Alexandria resident Julian Dawkins.  The successful conviction came after a week long jury trial.  Four of the jurors began sobbing when Dawkins mother took the stand during the sentencing phase of the trial.    The prosecutions theory, which prevailed, was that the Sheriff’s Deputy killed Dawkins because Patterson felt “disrespected” by Dawkins.   A number of Arlington Sheriff’s Deputies testified at trial in support of Patterson.  This shows the mental instability of Patterson, and the questionable judgment of other Arlington Sheriff’s Deputies who continue to infest the Arlington County Courthouse.

The jury has recommended six years in prison for murdering Julian Dawkins.   A cheap price to pay for having taken a life of an innocent person.