Arlington County Attorney’s Office: A Refuges for Corrupt Attorneys?

8 Dec

IMG_2039No one wants to hire a corrupt attorney, at least not anyone with any integrity.    Thus, when attorneys have tarnished their reputations as corrupt GALs or other who have done the dirty work of corruption — they have often compromised their reputations so much so as to make them unmarketable in private practice.    So, where can these unmarketable attorney’s go?  We have noticed a pattern of some of them seeking refuge in the Arlington County Attorney’s office.

Do you have some examples of where unmarketable GAL’s and other attorneys go to after they have “done their job” for the court?  Two GALs, Deborah Olin and Karen Grane, come to mind.  Another attorney who seems to also have found refuge in the County Attorney’s office is Jason McCandless (a refugee from the Commonwealth Attorney’s office).   Let us know if you can think of others who have followed a similar paths and where they went.

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