Arlington Public Schools Sponsors Competition for Student Data Mining

16 Nov

APS is sponsoring a competition to select up to 10 data teams to analyze data and submit a report on their findings. Once selected, the teams will be provided secured access to the APS student dataset to complete four specific tasks:

  • Develop models or algorithms to predict and flag, as early as possible, students who are at risk of dropping out,
  • Provide insights into why students might not obtain advanced diplomas and how to encourage them to do so,
  • Provide insights into the path that successful Career & Technical Education (CTE) students take, and
  • Summarize any additional analyses that might surprise, illuminate, or interest APS as it strives to improve educational opportunities for all students.

AWARD: The $10,000 award will be presented to the winning team. The award is being funded through a generous gift from the CK-12 Foundation. CK-12’s high quality free content will be made available to the teams as one of the content partners. Teams can use this content to help personalize (supplement) strategies to get kids engaged in areas seen as common failings among likely dropouts.

DATA: APS has available a rich dataset that comprises twelve years of student-level data for all students that are, or were, registered in APS for any period of time over the last twelve years. These data include assessment scores (e.g., Virginia Standards of Learning test scores, Degrees of Reading Power, SAT/PSAT); school-based information (e.g., schools attended, courses taken, grades, absences); demographic information (e.g., race & ethnicity, economically disadvantaged, special education, and ESOL/ELL– English as a Second Language, English Language Learners), as well as the outcomes of interest such as drop out information, diploma type, and (possibly) some post-graduation statistics.

PARTICIPANTS: APS Superintendent Dr. Patrick Murphy; APS Assistant Superintendent/Information Services, Rajesh Adusumilli; APS Data Team; APS Corporate, Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Partners
WHERE: Arlington Education Center – School Board Meeting Room
1426 N. Quincy Street (1st Floor) Arlington, VA 22207
WHEN: Monday, November 18, 2013 1:30 – 3:00 p.m.
WHAT: Details of Application, Requirements and Award to be Unveiled