GAL Grane and Arlington’s McCandless Get Even with Medicaid Whistleblower

24 Aug
GAL Karen Grane Wages War On Ashlie Mae O'Brien's Family

GAL Karen Grane Wages War On Ashlie’s Family

Arlington’s war on Ashlie’s family continues.  This past week, based solely on proffers of GAL Karen Grane, with the support of Arlington County Attorney Jason McCandless and Arlington Commonwealth Attorney Theo Stamos, misdemeanor charges were brought against Ashlie’s Grandmother for, in effect, allegedly caring about her 14 year old grandchild who continues to be locked up somewhere and barred from having contact with her family at the urging of Suzanne Eisner’s Arlington DHS.   Ashlie’s grandmother allegedly, violated a baseless “no contact order.”    Actual contact between Ashlie and her grandmother was NOT alleged.   See, Arlington Circuit Court Case, Commonwealth v Heffernan, Case No. CR13001445-00.

Based on a tenuous motion filed by GAL Karen Grane, that was not supported by any affidavit and only contained hearsay and proffers of GAL Grane (in violation of the newly adopted Rules of Evidence),  the presiding judge, Hon. Daniel S. Fiore II still allowed a criminal charge proceeding to go forward for alleged minor “indirect” violations of that baseless “no contact order” — again, based solely on hearsay and proffers of GAL Karen Grane, as well as Jason McCandless in the court.

Notably, through Ashlie’s Grandmother’s research and efforts, Karen Grane and Jason McCandless have been alleged to have conspired to use fraudulently justified Medicaid funds to place Ashlie in institutions to prevent her from having any contact with the outside world.

Ashlie After Brutal Beating

Ashlie After Brutal Beating

The illegal incarceration of Ashlie in institutions at Medicaid expense occurred after Ashlie was viciously attacked by Arlington County Sheriffs Deputies when she tried to testify that she did not want to be adopted out and instead she wanted to return to her family.  That illegal and unjustified incarceration took place  after Judge Varoutsos denied Ashlie an attorney to represent her and failed to notify her family prior to commitment.  Other abuses that Ashlie has endured are described in a Petition for Habeas Corpus. that is currently pending in an appeal of the Petition for Habeas Corpus before the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Jason McCandless Supporting  Theo Stamos Election

Jason McCandless Supporting Theo Stamos Election

Chesterifled County

Map of Chesterfield County and the Many Roads that Go Through It

In addition to bringing these trumped up charges, GAL Grane and Jason McCandless, with the active support of Commonwealth Attorney Theo Stamos, requested that Judge Fiore impose an additional condition on a bond (beyond those contained in the “no contact order”) barring Ashlie’s Grandmother from being anywhere in Chesterfield County.    The draconian ban on her being (or even passing through) Chesterfield was based on the proffers of GAL Karen Grane that Ashlie is now located in a group home somewhere in Chesterfield County.   Chesterfield County is 437 square miles, has Interstates 95 and 295 running through it, as well as major state highways/roads 76, 288, 360, 631, 647, 699, and 754.   Without looking at a map to see the illogic of what GAL Grane, McCandless and Stamos were advocating, the Judge refused to reconsider and narrow the scope of their proposed county wide banwith the exception of allowing the Grandmother to drive on Interstate 95.    That left other interstate and major state roads, and where Ashlie’s Grandmother was living, in the 437 square mile forbidden zone.

Ashley Mae O'Brien

Ashlie Mae O’Brien

Ashlie’s Grandmother’s home was located in the upper left hand corner of the 437 square mile Chesterfield County — within a mile of the Richmond border.  The outrageous county-wide prohibition required that Ashlie’s Grandmother would have to move out of her home in the area (whose rent was prepaid).    The Judge gave her less than 48 hours to gather her belongings and leave her home.     An emergency petition is pending before the Supreme Court of Virginia seeking to bar the enforcement of this ban, which violates her constitutional rights.

Arlington County’s child protection agency, DHS, has become a narcissistic house of horror and injustice for families and children.  They teach children that the system is not there to help you, but instead to take you away from your family, and then go after your family.