More Hallmark Victims Stepping Forward

15 Aug

Length of stay in U.S. foster care

We continue to hear from former Hallmark Youthcare residents and some of the unfortunate experiences they have had,  They confirm that, at least with some foster care youth, Hallmark is used to warehouse them even where they have no psychological problems – at Medicaid expense.

One person who the CPA was trying to get to stay there was able to get out of Hallmark Youthcare in 45 days because Medicaid refused to pay the bill for his stay (estimated at $10,000 per month).   He had straight A’s  before being sent there, and even played in a marching band.    While at Hallmark he tells us that he witnessed staff beating children on a daily basis.

Attorney General Cuccinelli needs to address this systemic problem of Medicaid fraud to house the Commonwealth youth in such facilities.  It has been brought to his attention months ago, and we eagerly look forward to seeing him take action.