Judges Altering Transcripts

13 Aug

No problem in Arlington JDR and Circuit Court, the court doesn’t record the hearings, so you don’t need to worry about the transcripts…

The Words of the Day

Court Reporter tests his Stenomask

Judges alter transcripts more routinely than you think.  Is it right?  No.   Do they get away with it?  Almost all of the time.

Take the case of a Philadelphia judge who deleted disparaging comments she made about a defendant in court from the official transcript of the man’s death-penalty appeal, an alteration the state Supreme Court called “reprehensible” as it removed her from the case.

Judge Renee Cardwell Hughes admitted that she ordered a court reporter to delete what she calls “non-judicial” remarks, including calling the defendant “vile,” the high court ruling said.

The deletion came to light when lawyers seeking to quote her comments in their appeal noticed that they were missing from the transcript. The lawyers raised the issue at a later hearing before Cardwell Hughes.

“I told (the court reporter) to (remove) words that are less than judicial because I’m Southern and I say words like…

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