Arlington Virginia Really Does Hate (Poor Minority) Mothers

19 Jul
Judge Esther Wiggins of Arlington Family Court

Judge Esther Wiggins of Arlington Family Court

Update July 18, 2013:  Judge Wiggins is playing her anti-mother games again.   She still refuses to release the Alexandria mother accused of leaving her 8 month old in a hot car.   Instead, of allowing the mother to post bond and treat her fairly, Wiggins placed additional conditions on the bond — which are irrelevant to the purpose of the bond.  The purpose of the bond is to make sure the mother returns to the court and does not flee, that is determined by the amount.  Instead Wiggins illogically places home inspections in the criteria of whether the bond can even be posted.  Meanwhile  this poor mother, who has the support of the Archdiocese of Arlington and her many friends and family, is still sitting in jail — mourning the loss of her child.

Judge Wiggins — who we understand apparently has little or no experience raising children and an unstable homelife herself — is giving this poor mother and her family a very hard time.     Her personal psychological problems are showing on the surface by her public irrational behavior.

“I’m having a hard time understanding how she would miss the child,” Judge Wiggins said Wednesday.   Actually, we are having a hard time undertanding how Judge Wiggins could even be expected to relate to the situation of raising a child given her lack of relevant experience.   So we are having a hard understanding how she could be appointed (and reappointed) a JDR Judge by the boys down in Richmond.

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Update: July 14, 2013: The Alexandria woman accused of leaving her 8-month-old baby boy in a hot car, causing the child’s death, may be released on bond this week.   Infamous JDR Judge Esther Wiggins on Wednesday appointed another corrupt GAL, whose purpose is typically to soak the taxpayer and to help take away the woman’s children.  Not a good sign.

The good news is that one or both of the children’s grandmothers will live with the children.  However, as we have seen with the Ashlie Mae O’Brien case, there is a lot of prejudice against grandmother’s raising children in Arlington, as exemplified by 77 year old Judge Kendrick’s statement that he thinks that a 66 year old grandmother is “too old.”

If Arlington allows the grandmother to be released on bond, she will be forced to further suffer by not being allowed “unsupervised” contact with her other children.  A preliminary hearing is slated for Aug. 28, at which point a judge will decide whether enough probable cause exists for the case to move forward. Thank goodness the mother works for the Catholic Diocese of Arlington — which puts pressure on Arlington JDR Judge Wiggins to behave herself on this case.   Unfortunately, other mothers in Arlington whose children have been taken aways by Wiggins have not been so lucky to have the Catholic Diocese of Arlington by their sides.

Arlington….just let her go.  Really!  

Update: July 8, 2013: The mother appeared in JDR Court today before JDR Judge Wiggins.   Her counsel indicated that she would be asking for her client’s release on bail.     Judge Wiggins was overheard saying something to the effect:  “Not manslaughter? Interesting.”  The judge continued the bond hearing for 9 a.m., July 10


By accident, you leave your child in a car on a very hot day.  You don’t realize it until hours later, and then desparately rush to take the child to the hospital where it is pronounced dead.    You feel terrible, probably wanting to kill yourself for what you did to your own child.

Does Arlington console you?  Nah!.   They prosecute you for felony murder for the accidental death of her our own child.

An Alexandria woman has been charged with felony child neglect as a result of the unintentional death of her 8-month old baby.

Arlington prosecutes poor hispanic mother for felony murder of accidental death of her own child.

Arlington prosecutes poor hispanic mother for felony murder.

Do you think they would have done this if the mother had been a middle class white resident of Arlington?  Or do you think that the mother being a hard working hispanic woman might have played a role in Arlington’s decision?

Arlington should be spending its resources prosecuting Arlington DHS, Arlington County Attorney McCandless, and GAL Grane for their roles in perpetuatating the neglect and abuse of Ashlie and its coverup and use of Medicaid funds to do so.

Is Arlington’s soul made out of poured cement?