Felony Water

3 Jul

Virginia (Photo credit: taberandrew)

By now, you may have heard of the overly aggressive ABC officers who, on April 11, arrested a University of Virginia students and charged her with a felony after she bought supplies for a charity event to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association.   Th purchases, made at a Harris Teeter grocery store around 10 p.m. that night, included a box of LaCroix bottled water, cookie dough and ice cream, reports The Daily Progress of Charlottesville, Va.

The lack of forethought on the part of some Virginia law enforcement officers has become epidemic.   Taking this case, the case of Arlington Sheriff’s Deputy Who Murdered Julian Dawkins, and the beating and tasering of Ashlie Mae O’Brien in the Arlington Courthouse simply because she wanted to testify that she wanted to be with her family, tells a story of a dysfunction in certain law enforcement agencies in Virginia.   This is not acceptable.   Write the governor and ask him to correct all of these injustices and to take action so that this “shoot from the hip” attitude stops.