NSF Abandoning Arlington, Another Major Employer of Highly Trained Workers Escapes Its Lawlessness

9 Jun
National Science Foundation (NSF) Logo, reprod...

National Science Foundation (NSF) Logo, reproduction allowed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Arlington County suffered another rejection by a major US government employer,  the National Science Foundation.    The NSF headquarters is currently located in Ballston, in Arlington, Virginia.   It will be moving within 3 to 4 years to Alexandria Virginia near the Eisenhower Metro station.

Comparing the quality of life between the two areas, in particular Arlington’s inferior judiciary, a sheriff’s department with a culture of violence against citizens (and now murder), and child protection agency of Arlington that removes kids from good families and destroys lives, the move is not surprising.    As any reader of this blog would realize, any family with kids would be wise not to live in Arlington County.

Not surprisingly, Arlington County put out a statement stating that NSF’s leaving the county was not in their “best interests.”   But, just like Arlington does not seem to know what is in the best interests of the children whose lives it has destroyed, it is clear that Arlington is out of touch with what is in the best interests of NSF.   Arlington needs to do some soul searching and to change its attitude before more smart people leave.

NSF is filled with smart people and they have the option to seek a better place, and they did.

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