NAACP Demands Justice for Victim of Arlington County Deputy Sheriff; Why Is the Commowealth Attorney Failing to Prosecute Again

29 May

The NAACP is gathering in Alexandria Tuesday to push authorities to charge an Arlington County Sheriff’s deputy for fatally shooting of a man in Alexandria on May 22.

The NAACP was joined by about two dozen friends and relatives of the victim.

The shooting claimed the life of Julian Dawkins, 22. A 17-year veteran of the Arlington County Sheriff’s office, Craig Patterson, shot and killed Dawkins in the 100 block of Lynhaven Drive.

 The commonwealth attorney indicated he is reluctant to bring charges, claiming that he does not have enough witnesses.


Arlington Parent News recommends that a federal prosecutor be brought in to look at a pattern of behavior by some Arlington Deputy sheriffs of excessive force, as demonstrated by the December 7, 2011 tasering and beating of 11 year old Ashlie Mae O’Brien.  There, too, the commonwealth attorney failed to bring charges.   


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