What is the Problem with the Arlington County Sheriffs Deputies? Another Blackeye for Arlington

23 May
Arlington Sheriff's Deputy Craig Patterson Murdered Julian Dawson, a Shuttle Driver for PBS Newshour Reminiscent of the Tasering of 13 Year Old Ashlie Mae O'Brien

Arlington Sheriff’s Deputy Craig Patterson (Left) Murdered Julian Dawson, a Shuttle Driver for PBS Newshour,

Arlington Sheriff’s Deputy Craig Patterson murdered Julian Dawson, who has been regularly employed by PBS Newshour as a shuttle driver.   Dawson had just finished celebrating a contract that his cousin Tierra Ruffin-Pratt received to play with the WNBA‘s Washington Mystics.

Based on autopsy results, the death of Julian Dawkins has been ruled a homicide on Thursday evening.   Neighbors and supporters are wondering why Arlingotn Sheriff’s Deputy had not been charged and arrested.   Experience has shown a double standard.  Had the perpetrator been a “regular” person, he or she would have been arrested immediately, not have been allowed to go free without bond, and would have been charged.   

The Arlington County Sheriff’s Department has been plagued with several deputies who have been violent towards innocent persons — yet not be prosecuted.   Regular readers will be familiar with the tasering and beating of Ashlie Mae O’Brien by Arlington County Sheriff’s Deputies on December 7, 2011.   Arlington County Sheriff took no disciplinary action against the offending the deputies, but instead later prosecuted Ashlie’s sister, who was trying to keep the peace.   The Deputies and the Arlington DHS employees, as well as the GAL Karen Grane have since engaged in a coverup.  As part of that cover up, they have cut off Ashlie from all communications with anyone who would listen to her story.  However, the video and photos clearly show the beating and its aftermath, and who witnessed it.

Ashle Mae OBrien After Being Beaten by Arlington Sheriff's Deputy

Ashle Mae OBrien After Being Beaten by Arlington Sheriff’s Deputy to prevent her from testifying at the JDR Court

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