2013 Taste of Arlington Shows Support for Ashlie

19 May
Alex Ovechkin and Ashlie Mae OBrien Supporter

“Alex Ovechkin” and Ashlie Supporter at 2013 Taste of Arlington

A “flash teaching mob” of 14 year old Ashlie supporters swarmed out in force at today’s Taste of Arlington.   While feasting on samples of great local restaurants and listening to music, the attendees learned about Ashlie’s tragic situation and how Arlington Department of Human Services and courts have refused to return her to her family and even prohibited her from communicating with any member of her family.    It is important for Arlington voters to know about how their tax dollars are being misspent and wasted by the Arlington County’s child welfare industry.  Now they are finding out.

Also, thanks to all who have been providing tips on their terrible experiences with Arlington DHS, the Arlington Family Court, and the Hallmark Youthcare Richmond.  We are tracking them all.  Keep them coming.

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