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18 May
Courthouse in Clarendon Arlington County, Virg...

Courthouse in Arlington County, Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please make it a first priority to stop the waste and abuse of  millions in taxpayer dollars in Virginia, where DHS agencies are placing normal children in psychiatric facilities such as Hallmark Youthcare Inc. Richmond at Medicaid expense.

Hallmark Youthcare Richmond, based in Macon, Georgia, is located just outside of Richmond where one perfectly normal foster child, Ashlie Mae O’Brien was placed when Arlington DHS sought to keep her away from her loving family, and the Arlington DHS and GAL are keeping her from even having telephone conversations with any member of her family.

Hallmark Youthcare Where Ashlie Mae OBrien Is Being Held

Hallmark Youthcare Where Ashlie Mae OBrien, Who is a Normal Child, Was Illlegally Committed by Arlington Judge Varoutsos, without legal representation or notification to her Loving Family

This appears highly irregular and a misuse of taxpayer dollars — with the facts strongly suggesting that Medicaid fraud is involved.

Arlington has admitted that it is not in the best interests of children to be committed to such facilities, but the local courts don’t seem interested in stopping it, since the local county does not pick up the tab.  Are the personal gains of those involved in the commitments so great that they would compromise these children’s futures?

We can do better.  Protect our children and protect our taxpayers from this waste and abuse.   This matter has been brought to your attention several months ago, but we still see no action.  It is time to act.   Our kids can’t wait.

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