Sequestor Arlington DHS Federal Funding, Including Its Misused Medicaid Funds

1 Mar
Ashlie Mae Obrien

Arlington County, Virginia

As we approach the zero hour of the federal “fiscal cliff” of federal budget cuts, here is a suggestion for saving millions and making things better.

Specifically, the millions that are poured into Arlington Department of Human Services, and the associated family court services (e.g., the Arlington County Attorney’s office, the Guardian Ad Litems, foster parents, and “probation officers” who assist the court), ruin the lives of dozens of children and families each year, while paying the salaries of “service professionals” and lawyers who milk these cases for all they are worth — with no real oversight.   It amounts to state sanctioned and funded child trafficking in its worst form. In cases like those described in this blog, the use and abuse of Medicaid funds to pay for unnessary out of county residential programs, like those at Hallmark Youthcare, is rampant.    In one case alone, the tally is close to a half million dollars.   Rather than investigating this waste and abuse, the Juvenile and Domestic Relations and Circuit courts, which are supposed to seek justice, turn a blind eye.

So, let’s cut out the waste, and get rid of all federal funding (including Medicaid funding) for Arlington DHS.   Unless and until real reform occurs, those involved who are allowed to remain discipline themselves, and the Arlington County Board comes down on their waste, the situation is going to get worse and worse.

Contact the office of Congressman James Moran and urge that they cut this waste now!

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