Virginia: Hate the Military servicemen, but loves its guns

22 Feb

Today’s Post reports two interesting cases that shows where the Commonwealth of Virginia stands in the pecking order of human rights and dignity.

Virginia GMU Not Friendly to Military Veterans

Virginia GMU Not Friendly to Military Veterans

Stephanie Kermgard, a George Mason University student and Navy veteran, has had to spend thousands of dollars to give the state school, George Mason University, to pay in state tuition.  Now GMU (using taxpayer dollars), after having lost at a circuit court in Fairfax, is taking the case to the Virginia Supreme Court where Ms. Kermgard is going to have to pay thousands of more dollars to uphold the circuit court decision in her favor.

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Gun Owners Support Starbucks Day

Gun Owners Support Starbucks Day

Meanwhile, Virginia, which prides itself on folks bringing guns into public restaurants in the open, is holding “Gun Owners Support Starbucks Day,” and where gun owners “will be drinking their joe while openly packing their heat.”

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It is no wonder that Arlington Virginia mistreats its kids like it does.

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The Victimizing of Foster Kids in Arlington Virginia