“The [Arlington] County Board doesn’t care about the neighborhoods. They just want more revenue,”

21 Feb
arlington county money hungry

Arlington County Virginia is Money Hungrey, and Does not Care About Its Resident

Arlington Connection writes:

“The County Board doesn’t care about the neighborhoods. They just want more revenue,” said Bernie Berne, president of the Buckingham Community Civic Association. “This is a County Board that acts like Republicans even though they’re all Democrats.”

“The rising tide of development is a common complaint in Arlington, where residential neighborhoods are increasingly in the crosshairs of developers seeking larger and larger densities. That means increased tax revenue, which gets the attention of elected officials charged with balancing the budget. But it’s created a source of conflict among many neighborhood residents in Arlington who are concerned about quality of life.

“The County Board should be trying to help people who are here now rather than future residents,” said Maureen Ross, president of the Cherrydale Citizens Association. “We put our life savings into a neighborhood that feels like a small town, and now they want to change that.”

It is no wonder they allow their DHS to engage in Medicaid fraud to keep children away from good Arlington families.

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