Attention Arlington County Judges and Attorneys: The Virginia Rules of Evidence Have Been In Effect for Almost a Year

20 Feb
Judge Dimatteo Worked on Ashlie Mae Obrien while a county attorney before becoming a Judge

Judge Dimatteo of Arlington County Court

Virginia courts have come out of the dark ages…well not completely.   There are now rules of evidence in effect for the first time in Commonwealth history !

It has come to our attention that some Arlington attorneys and some judges are not aware that there are any rules of evidence.   Members of the Arlington County attorney’s office and some GALS ** apparently have claimed that they are not aware of this.

So, now you know…there are now rules of evidence in effect (for almost a year) in Arlington County courts…

Object regularly and object often.

No more of that “proffering” garbage in lieu of evidence, that lawyers in Arlington have been doing for years.

Educate yourself, or suffer malpractice.  See the rules at: Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia   Rule 2:101, et. seq.

* You know who you are.   🙂