Wishing You a Pleasant Ashlie Day

7 Dec

Today, December 7, 2012, marks the one year anniversary of the brutal physical/taser attack by the Arlington Sheriff’s Deputies on 13 year old

Ashlie Mae O'Brien and Her Loving Grandmother and Maryland Circuit Court Apponted Guardian

Ashlie and Delores  Heffernan

Ashlie, in the public hallway of the fourth floor of the Arlington County Courthouse.   The attack took place in view of numerous witnesses, including a number of Arlington DHS personnel.

All Ashlie wanted to do was testify at her hearing for termination of parental rights.   She wanted to tell the Judge that she did not want to be adopted, and that she wanted to return to the family she loved.   But, the out-of-town substitute Judge William G. Boice, did not want to hear what she had to say.   Judge Boice then lied to the persons in the court when he said he would review the entire record before he made a decision — because the video of him leaving court showed he took nothing with him to his southern virginia home for review.  The skids were greased, and the case was fixed.   Come hell or high water, Ashlie Mae O’Brien’s family was not going to get her back.  Arlington DHS records show that they were not intending to give her back from the day they took her.  To accomplish this, the County and the Judges engaged in extensive closed door ex parte communications in violation of bar conduct rules and the canons of conduct for the judiciary.

Over the next few weeks, we will be be review the December 7, 2011 event, what we have learned since it occurred, and the terrible things that the Arlington DHS and her GAL have done to coverup the wrongs they have done to Ashlie .

Ashlie O'Briens Loving Mormon/LDS Family

Ashlies Loving Mormon/LDS Family

In the meantime, may you have a pleasant Ashlie Day, as this day will be known from now until she is returned to her family.

Ashle Mae OBrien After Being Beaten by Arlington Sheriff's Deputy

Ashlie After Being Beaten by Arlington Sheriff’s Deputy


Taking time off from helping free Ashlie Mae OBrien, George Washington (James Manship) made a guest appearance at the Virginia Governor O'Donnell's 2012 Christmas party.

Taking time off from helping free Ashlie, George Washington (James Manship) made a guest appearance at the Virginia Governor O’Donnell’s 2012 Christmas party.