66 Year Old Grandmother Continues to Courageously Fights Religious Bigotry, Corruption and Abuse by Arlington County; Arlington Circuit Court Shows Apathy

11 Sep
Delores Heffernan O'Brien and Ashlie Mae OBrien

Delores Heffernan seeks the release and end to the abuse and neglect of Ashlie

It has been three months since Delores Heffernan has filed suit naming Suzanne Eisner, Arlington Department of Human Services, in a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus seeking the release of Ashlie from illegal retention, drugging, and continuing abuse and neglect by the Arlington County Virginia Department of Human Services.  Delores O’Brien Heffernan is, and remains, the Maryland Circuit Court appointed Guardian and grandmother of Ashlie.  The 20 page Petition details the abuses and neglect by Suzanne Eisner’s Department of Human Services over the past two years.   The Arlington Circuit Court has yet to set a hearing.

In the Petition, Ms. O’Brien Heffernan points out that Ashlie has been illegally committed by Judge George Varoutsos, the same judge who previously admitted having a conflict of interest which required him to recuse himself earlier in the case.  Arlington Judge Varoutsos was able to get away with having a conflict of interest presiding over a secret hearing because the only known attorneys in attendance were GAL Karen Grane and DHS Attorney Jason McCandless.  Ashlie was not represented by an attorney — a prima facie case of denial of her due process rights.  Yet neither objected to Judge Varoutsos presiding or the denial of Ashlie’s due process rights under the US and Virginia constitution.   This is not surprising, given that GAL Karen Grane has established a reputation in Ashlie’s case for representing the worstinterests of Ashlie. Both Mr. “Happy Case” Jason McCandless and Ms. Grane both have demonstrated bias and a clear agenda of retribution against Ashlie ‘s family.

Ashlie O'Briens Loving Mormon/LDS Family

Ashlie’s Loving Family

Arlington Attorney Karen Grane  GAL for Ashlie Mae OBrien

Arlington GAL Karen Grane Attorney Worked Against 13 Year Old Ashlie

Conflicted Arlington County Judge Varoutsos Presided Over Ashlie Mae O'Brien Illegal Commitment

Conflicted JDR Judge Varoutsos Who Improperly Presided Over Ashlie’s Illegal Commitment

Ashlie continues to be denied access to her Christian church, her loving O’Brien family, and her rights as a foster child.  Instead, the Arlington DHS and the Arlington Family Court has mistreated her like a common criminal — who is guilty of nothing.  She is last known to be fraudulently held in isolation at Medicaid expense at Hallmark Youth Service.   WAMU’s Michael Pope Reported Arlington DHS has publicly stated that it is against DHS policy and violates the best interests of the child to hold foster children like Ashlie at out of county facilities like Hallmark Youthcare Richmond.   The behavior strongly suggests that there are political favors and/or money changing hands, and politically motivated outside influences to motivate Judge Varoutsos, Mr. McCandless and Ms. Grane to violate the DHS policy, and use of this distant Hallmark Youthcare Richmond for illegally committing Ashlie — in clear violation of her best interests.

Arlington County Attorney Jason McCandless and Ashlie Mae OBrien

Arlington Attorney Jason McCandless (Right)

Aside from Ashlie’s being illegally committed to Hallmark Youthcare of Richmond in a secret proceeding without legal representation on June 1, 2012 and being assaulted by Arlington County Sheriff’s Deputies on December 7, 2011, the Petition also documents two year of abuse and neglect and coverup by Arlington County Virginia:

Ashlie Mae OBrien Beaten and Tasered

Ashlie  After Brutal Beating in Arlington County Courthouse

The details of some of the pattern of early abuse and neglect by Arlington DHS from the time they took her from her family and which the Arlington DHS sought to cover up by incarcerating Ashlie in the Hallmark Youthcare are detailed in the Attachment to this Petition, including: 1) being strip searched in a public restroom with photos being taken by DHS workers, 2) being forced to sleep on the floor of a cold apartment in Delaware in the middle of winter, 3) forced to sleep in a dirty attic of an overcrowded noisy daycare home, 4) being treated as a servant cleaning toilets, 5) being denied food and proper· timely medical treatment for serious injuries (such a concussion and neck injury), 6) being denied reasonable access to a computer to do homework, 7) denied access to a phone to call the social worker and/or the GAL, 8) being talked about disparagingly by her foster family in their public twitter “tweets/’ 9) being denied reasonable visitation with her family, 10) psychologically abused by Arlington DHS, her GAL, and her Foster family by being told at the outset and many times after that she will not be returning to her family (even before any decision was made by any court that this would be the case), 11) being forced to watch an older foster child have sex in the same room, 12) being denied access to her religion,  13) allowed to be brutally interrogated for hours by a Maryland Detective (Sarit Scott) without legal representation, while Arlington DHS, her GAL, and the foster family watched in entertainment, 14) having her housing and school changed numerous times within two years, and 15) well before any court ruled that Ashlie was to be adopted, both the Arlington DHS personnel and her GAL Karen Grane, repeatedly told Ashlie that it was a “done deal” that she was going to be adopted, severely traumatizing Ashlie.  Clearly, Arlington DHS has imposed on Ashlie worse “neglect” and additional abuse than they allege was the basis for originally removing her from her loving family (i.e., which was only alleged “unstable housing” and “tardy” on a few days from school). By no measure, was this treatment in Ashlie’s “Best Interests” -and it occurred because there is no oversight on Arlington DHS misbehavior and coverup, that was allowed by the GAL who knew of the abuse and neglect but took no measures to protect the child.

Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus to Save Ashlie Mae Obrien

Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus to Save Ashlie

Petition for Writ of Mandamus Filed by the Maryland Circuit Court Appointed Guardian of Ashlie on September 4, 2012, Case No. 12-2170 (Judge Fiore)

Arlington Judge Daniel Fiore, II

The case was submitted before the distinguished newly appointed Arlington Circuit Court Judge Daniel Fiore, II.  We hoped and prayed that Judge Fiore would give this case the proper immediate attention, promptly schedule a hearing, and give Ashlie the relief, freedom and proper treatment she deserves.  She has suffered enough.  However, Judge William Neuman has taken over the case, and denied the request be treated as an emergency.   Apparently, when a county agency places a child in harms way, it is not an emergency.  No wonder Jerry Sandusky got away with abusing children for so long — because decision makers in government are in denial about abuse by people in power.  Their own political capital appears more important than the welfare of children in Arlington.   Come on, Judge Newman, you know you can do better.  Is this the legacy you seek to leave behind?

Judge Newman of Arlington Took Over Ashlie Mae OBrien Habeas Corpus Case

Judge Newman of Arlington Took Over Ashlie’s Habeas Corpus Case

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