Arlington Sheriff’s Deputies Assault Child After Sheriff’s Deputies Assault

6 Sep

Courthouse in Clarendon Arlington County, Virg...

The unjustified brutal assault by Arlington County Sheriff’s Deputies of then 12 year old Ashlie Mae O’Brien on December 7, 2011 on the 4th floor of the Arlington County Courthouse, was in full view of those in the public hallway of the JDR Court that day.

Here is a sequence of photos showing a disheveled Ashlie Mae O’Brien after she was unjustifiably assaulted and apparently tasered by Arlington County Sherff’s Deputies.   The sequence of photos were taken over less than a second, evidencing the speed at which the two Sheriff’s deputies — who are under the supervision of Arlington Sheriff Beth Arther — tried to get Ashlie away from the view of the public — after she suffered a concussion and passed out, with blood running down her face.   Arlington County officials refused to allow the EMS take her to the hospital for medical attention.  So, she suffered from pain and headaches and, when ultimately seen at a hospital weeks later, a concussion and other injuries were confirmed.

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