The Stoning of Children and Their Mothers in Arlington Virginia

28 Aug

NPR Morning edition did a story this morning on the need for foster kid counseling because of the harm that the foster care system causes them.  

They failed to mention that many of these children are illegally taken from their caring families at Federal and State taxpayer expense — and then isolated from their families, as with the case of Ashlie Mae O’Brien, and Sabrina Hey.

For no reason, Ashlie has been deprived of contact with her family, and her Mormon religion.   She has been beaten and apparently tasered by Arlington Sheriff Deputies when, on December 7, 2011, Ashlie tried to find out why her GAL, Karen Grane, was not fighting for her to return to her family and prevent her adoption.  After that assault, it was revealed in medical records that Ashlie had a concussion.   EMS records of December 7, 2011, indicate that her GAL had refused to allow Ashie to be taken to hospital after the attack.  Instead, the Arlington DHS, its attorney Jason McCandless, and GAL Karen Grane have tried to cover up the attack, her injuries, and the abuse of this foster child by having her placed in total isolation in institutions such as Hallmark Youthcare Richmond — which has been known for drugging children and having them come out worse than when they went in — at federal and state taxpayer expense.

In another story, the US State Department said of the prospective stoning of of a 14 year old girl in Pakistan:

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland called the case “deeply disturbing”.

“We urge the government of Pakistan to protect not just its religious minority citizens but also women and girls,” she said.

The said can be said about the abuses of children and their mothers by Arlington County.

Save Social Security — stop wasting taxpayer money to destroy Arlington families.  Return these children to their loving family.

Ashlie Mae Obrien At Baptism of Her Family Member

Ashlie Mae Obrien At Baptism of Her Family Member in 2011