Eugenics: Is it Still Going On Through the Virginia Department of Human Services?

7 Aug

Virginia has a dark history.   As recently pointed estimates range from 7,500 to 8,000 underwent forced sterilizations.

“Most people equate it with Nazi Germany,” says Arlington Delegate Hope. “But in fact, it originated right here in the Commonwealth of Virginia.” “It was kind of a bad end of a good idea, which was Darwinism,” says George Mason University professor Andrew Light. “So the idea was to direct the evolution of mankind.”   This year is the 85th anniversary of a Supreme Court decision upholding the 1920s-era Virginia law, which was used as a template for several other states.

Although the practice of forced sterilization has ended, the Virginia strategy of Darwinian evolution by government fiat continues.  Specifically, the use of Child Protective Services to unlawfully take children away from their families and terminate parental rights continues.   Arlington Virginia Department of Human Services is one of the most aggressive in Virginia in “killing off” what they think are unworthy families, particularly those headed by single mothers.  Unfortunately, the Arlington courts have failed to question the Arlington DHS but instead has served as their cheering squad, so there are no effective legal protections against this modern day eugenics in Arlington Virginia at taxpayer expense.

Tell the Arlington County Board to stop the modern day eugenics in Arlington!

Ashlie Mae O'Brien and Her Loving Grandmother and Maryland Circuit Court Apponted Guardian

Ashlie  and Delores

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