Then 12 Year Old Ashlie After Being Beaten by Sheriff’s Deputy in Arlington County Courthouse/Citizen’s Group Forming

7 Aug
Ashlie Mae O'Brien

Bleeding from the nose, suffering head injuries, then 12 Yr Old Ashlie Mae O’Brien After Having Passed Out from Unwarranted Brutal Beating and Tasing by Sheriff’s Dept in full public view at the Arlington County Courthouse 12/7/11

These photos, which we just received (along with others), speak for themselves.

Unfortunately, the Arlington County Sheriff Arthur, the Arlington County Commonwealth Attorney Stamos, the Arlington County Board, and Governor McDonnell’s Administration, have have all failed to take corrective action to relieve this child of her misery, to punish those who did it, and to punish those who witnessed it and did nothing to protect her.  Instead, this child has been isolated from her family, and fraudulently placed in complete isolation in a Medicaid paid for institution in the Richmond area to cover up the crimes against her and her family.

“It is not the crime (that gets you), it’s the coverup.”
It is time to Free Ashlie Mae O’Brien. 

A citizen’s group is being formed in response to this beating to bring awareness of the terrible situation with CPS in Arlington with regard to this and other cases, and to work against those elected officials in Arlington who have failed this  and other children.  If you are interested and/or were victimized by Arlington CPS, please fill out the “TIP” form (see link at top of page) and a member of the group will get back to you.

Arlington Deputy Sheriff Ventura

Arlington Sheriff Employee Ventura