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The idea of Child Protective Services (CPS) agencies came about to fulfill a need to help children who are truly abused and neglected.  The CPS agency was born as a “solution” to this narrow problem.

CPS agencies have evolved to contain “professionals” — typically social workers and psychologists — who are college trained and learn about children through mostly book learning.   Most persons who appear to be drawn to both social work and psychology are persons who have troubled backgrounds and/or sought to learn about psychology to engage in “self help” with their own problems.   Thus, the very persons who become social workers and psychologists are often — but not always — persons with a troubled past.   Is that a problem?  It would appear to be so, given that these are also the very same persons who placed in a position to “judge” the healthiness of…

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  1. George McDermott June 10, 2012 at 9:43 pm #

    George McDermottJune 10, 2012 at 9:37 pm#

    Ashley is going be the focal point of lawless America the movie feature-length production with the widescreen a documentary on judicial abuse, fraud, and corruption within America’s courts. In Maryland grand jury is also looking into this matter. See secret justice.com program 439 and 440..

    Pray that Ashley Mae O’Brien and her family being terrorized by judge Alpert, Arlington County, Virginia CPS system, and Arlington County Commonwealth’s Attorney Jason McCandless. Promoting fraud on the court and judicial terrorism by stealing the children from loving parents and rightful guardians.
    George McDermott with Maryland court watch news and occupy the law.com news

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