Arlington’s Own “Gitmo” For Children: Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center in Alexandria

3 Jun
Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center

Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center which is part funded and governed by Arlington County and used as the “Gitmo” of Arlington

You can hardly find it on the map, you can hardly see it hidden behind some garden apartments, and can hardly find out anything about it on the internet.  Arlington is particularly mum on its website about it.   But, Arlington taxpayers directly fund it at $2.5 million per year.  It is the Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center in Alexandria. It is run by the “Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Commission.”   That Commission is made up of 5 appointees.  Two from Arlington, two from Alexandria, and one from Falls Church. It is chaired by a Dorothea Peters, who is an attorney who is the co-chair of the steering committee for Democrats for a Better Alexandria.    Alexandria is not secretive about who serves on the Commission for Alexandria.  However, the same cannot be said of Arlington.  A thorough search of Arlington’s website and inquiries to Richmond failed to reveal the names of Arlington’s representatives on this Commission. Yet, Arlington contributes 2.5 million dollars per year for the operation of this secretive children’s detention facility. While there may be legitimate uses of the NVJDC (Alexandria), it is known that it has been misused.  For example, it has been used to secret foster child Ashlie from her family and the rest of the outside world to help cover up Arlington’s and her GAL’s violations of state and federal laws and procedures.   Her GAL, who by law does not represent her, has blocked Ashlie from having her own attorney to represent her.  In a secret proceeding, thorugh racketeering by the Arlington DHS and the GAL, the Arlington JDR court committed Ashlie to the NVJDC (Alexandria), refused to inform her family or Maryland Circuit Court appointed Guardian that she had been placed there, violated her rights to representation by an attorney, refused to even confirm or deny that she was there — even though she was, and violated her rights under the Interstate Compact on Juveniles for a due process hearing before being returned to Virginia.  The NVJDC has also be known to house immigrant children separating them from their families.   With President Obama’s announcement to not deport children, they are getting a reprieve.  But, what about Ashlie — doesn’t she deserve a reprieve and free to be released and be with her family? [Update: Ashlie has been again been secreted by Arlington County.  Just like the real Gitmo,  in Arlington County’s continuing effort to maliciously break her apart from her family, she has been secretly transported to another secret location.  If you see her or know about where she was secretly transferred, please forward that information in confidence here,  We have received reports about where she is, and we are confident we will be locating her very soon.] Is this how children should be treated?   Is Arlington setting a good example for what children should see in government authority?  Is this how families should be treated?  With 2.5 million in financing from Arlington per year and two representatives on the governing commission, the Arlington County Board is responsible for this behavior and should be held accountable for the mistreatment of Ashlie and her family.  Similarly, with 50% of the funding coming from Richmond and regulation by Richmond, the Governor should also be held accountable. If you want to know more, try contacting any of those listed below, maybe they will talk to you (and ask them to release Ashlie):

  • Jason McCandless (Lead Arlington County Attorney who called it a “happy case” persecuting Ashlie ). 703 228-3045; 571-329-4817;
  • Karen Grane (Court appointed GAL, who ignores Ashlie’s demand that she withdraw from representing Ashlie; and has become the “prison guard” for Ashlie, and should be required to withdraw from the case; ) : 703-875-2083;
  • Susanne Eisner, Director, Arlington Department of Human Services that oversees CPS that has allowed Ashlie to be neglected and abused by her organization, and should assign new and more qualified personnel to the case to settle with the family), 703-228-1300,,
  • Arlington County Board, (which oversees the entire Arlington County)
    • Arlington County Board Chairperson Mary Hughes Hynes,, 703-228-3130 (who runs the Arlington County Board and should establish an inquiry and have those officials removed who have allowed this abuse of children and power to occur)
    • Arlington County Board Vice Chair, J. Walter Tejada, (who helps run the Arlington County Board)
  • Congressman James Moran,  Email, (202) 225-4376 (the US Congressman who represents Arlington in the US Congress that authorized the program to fund these activities)
  • Governor Bob McDonnellRobert F., (804) 786-2211 (who is responsible for prosecuting Arlington DHS for its  unlawful activities)
  • Virginia Attorney General Ken (who is responsible for prosecuting Arlington DHS for its  unlawful activities)
  • Krystal Kimrey, Executive Director, Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center, 200 S Whiting Street, Alexandria, VA 22304-3602, 703-751-3700, Fax: 703-751-7320
  • Randy T. Austin, Salt Lake City Attorney,, 801 376 1204, fax: 801.321.4893
  • Michele Wood, Arlington County Court,
  • Judge Varoutsos, Arlington Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, (703) 228-4495

5 Responses to “Arlington’s Own “Gitmo” For Children: Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center in Alexandria”

  1. George McDermott June 4, 2012 at 10:04 pm #

    Video record provided by secretjustice. Of Ashley O’Brien’s kidnapping by Arlington County CPS gangster agents and commonwealths attorney against the O’Brien family to cover-up the criminal acts of Arlington County CPS workers, judges, Commonwealth’s attorneys, and GAL stealing and exploiting children. For their own personal gain and enrichment

  2. George McDermott June 4, 2012 at 10:11 pm #

    The FBI needs to look into this matter kidnapping of children by Arlington County courts and CPS workers must stop. The same goes for Judge Clark in Washington, DC. Supporting the criminal activities of the GAL their. In conflict with their oath of office and loyalty to the Constitution

  3. design September 5, 2012 at 9:58 pm #

    I appreciate you sharing this article post.Much thanks again. Awesome.


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