Who is Calling the Shots on the Demented Persecution and Child Trafficking of 13 Year Old Ashlie?

16 May

Arlington County, Virginia seal

Our Happy Case” …..the words used to mock the wishes of a 13 year old foster child, Ashlie, to be reunited with her happy family.

The case is actually very sad.  It is a case where an Arlington County Attorney and a taxpayer funded Guardian Ad Litem are using  taxpayer money to destroy the O’Brien family, by abusing their power to maliciously keep Foster Child Ashlie isolated from her loving Mormon Christian family based on false pretenses and in violation of the law.

Among the damage the reckless and abusive actions caused are:

  • that Arlington County did not seriously attempt to reunite 13 year old Ashlie with her Mormon family, as required by law,
  • that 13 year old Mormon Ashlie has a GAL who refuses to properly represent her views and interests before the Court,
  • that despite her pleas to Judge Varoutsos, of the Arlington JDR court, she did not get assigned a new GAL who truly represents her interests,
  • that Arlington has succeeded in cutting off all communications between 12 year old Mormon Ashlie and her loving family,
  • that Arlington has successfully blocked 12 year old Ashlie from her Mormon Christian religion and placing her in a Mormon home,
  • that 12 year old Mormon Ashlie was beat up by a Sheriff’s deputy in the public hallway of the Arlington county court on December 7, 2011 when she made an effort to speak up about how she wants to stay with her family and not be adopted,
  • that County Attorney Jason McCandless and GAL Karen Grane have been allowed to victimize Ashlie, using her as a pawn?
  • that CPS has gotten away so far at making false and misleading statements to the US Department of Health and Human Services to deflect scrutiny of Arlington County’s CPS’ failure to properly follow federal laws that govern their receiving government grants,
  • that they were able to put Ashlie in Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention center (Alexandria) to cut her off from all communications with the outside, even though she has done no wrong and committed no crime,, and
  • that the officials involved in this and other cases of illegal taking of children for money in Arlington County have not been criminally prosecuted by the Feds (yet).

Destroying Ashlie by isolating her from her family — when it has never been demonstrated that contact with her own family is harmful — is not going to fix Arlington’s problems, and this blog will remain dedicated to “outing” those problems and the bad actors who perpetuate them.  Nor is keeping her out of her school in the hopes she will not talk to others to let others know what Arlington County has done to her.  Nor is keeping Ashlie away from her Mormon Christian “happy” family and religion, because Christians oppose injustice and they  will continue to fight and unite with Ashlie to correct these wrongs, and not be intimidated.

It is time for the Chair of the Arlington County Board, Mary Hughes Hynes, to clean up this scandal and abuse of power done in Arlington County’s name.   The Arlington County Board’s failure to do so can only mean that the Arlington County Board is well aware of the problem and approves of the immoral and criminal behavior that is being done in the County’s name.

We call on angels for good to pray for and demand that Ashlie be reunited with her Mormon family, that the demented actions of the County Attorney be condemed and be required to withdraw from representing Arlington County in this case.

Let Arlington officials know they must correct these immoral wrongs, facebook “like,” and tweet this blog entry to urge others do the same…please join in the effort to:


  • Jason McCandless (Lead Arlington County Attorney who called it a “happy case” by mocking and persecuting Ashlie and should be required to withdraw from the case). 703 228-3045; 571-329-4817; jmccandless@arlingtonva.us
  • Karen Grane (Court appointed GAL, who ignores Ashlie’s demand that she withdraw from representing Ashlie; and has become the “prison guard” for Ashlie, and should be required to withdraw from the case; What explains her behavior? Has she been paid off?) : 703-875-2083;  kgrane@granelaw.com
  • Susanne Eisner, Director, Arlington Department of Human Services that oversees CPS that has allowed Ashlie to be neglected and abused by her organization, and should assign new and more qualified personnel to the case to settle with the family), 703-228-1300,  seisner@arlingtonva.us,
  • Arlington County Board, countyboard@arlingtonva.us (which oversees the entire Arlington County)
    • Arlington County Board Chairperson Mary Hughes Hynes, mhynes@arlingtonva.us, 703-228-3130 (who runs the Arlington County Board and should establish an inquiry and have those officials removed who have allowed this abuse of children and power to occur)
    • Arlington County Board Vice Chair, J. Walter Tejada, wtejada@arlingtonva.us (who helps run the Arlington County Board)
  • Congressman James Moran,  Email, (202) 225-4376 (the US Congressman who represents Arlington in the US Congress that authorized the program to fund these activities)
  • Governor Bob McDonnellRobert F. McDonnell@governor.virginia.gov, (804) 786-2211 (who is responsible for prosecuting Arlington DHS for its  unlawful activities)
  • Virginia Attorney General Ken Cucinnelliken@cuccinelli.com (who is responsible for prosecuting Arlington DHS for its  unlawful activities)
  • US Attorneys Office, Eastern  Virginia, email, (703) 299-3700 (who is responsible for prosecuting Virginia for not properly policing Arlington for its unlawful activities)
  • Marcia Robinson Lowry, Children’s Rights,  info@childrensrights.org, 888.283.2210 (watchdog group that has brought class action lawsuits nationwide to protect the rights of foster children)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (VA/DC), 202-278-2000, washington.field@ic.fbi.gov, MD  301-251-7330, Baltimore@ic.fbi.gov
  • Arlington Virginia LDS Mormon Ward (part of McLean Stake) 703-536-4545 (Office)

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